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    Pheasant and/or ducks?

    I hunt with a 3 year old yellow Lab. We hunt pheasants and ducks, mostly jump shooting ducks.
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    20 gauge Loads.

    The 20 will certainly kill birds, particularly if you hit them in the front 1/3 and don't take straightaway shots where the load primarily hits the bird in the heavily feathered and "fatted" posterior. I've used the Federal Premium Upland load of 1 ounce #6 copperplated shot at 1350 fps, as well...
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    16 Gauge Afficianados - Quality Ammo and $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping On Any Quantity

    Just got the 3 boxes from Scheel's of Federal Upland 16 gauge--copper coated lead, 1425 fps., 1 1/8 oz. Happy to get them because I can use these where lead is allowed, and save the BOSS shells for places where no-toxic is required.
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    16 Gauge Afficianados - Quality Ammo and $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping On Any Quantity

    LC---The Boss 16 ga. shells are effective; I used them on roosters, mallards and wood ducks last year. They are costly but I don't have to worry about where I do and don't need non toxic, and like any other ammo, it's not so much about hitting them hard--but hitting them! The manufacturer is...
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    shotshell speed

    I would agree with Gil that at some point, the extra velocity from. say, a 1350 fps "heavy dove load" or a faster load is negated by the additional recoil it generates. For me personally, when I shoot skeet with my 12 gauge Browning 725 field gun, I get best results, and my share of 25...
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    There can be a number of practical production reasons why a property has/ has not been tiled. For example, there needs to be someplace to drain it to, hopefully with enough "fall' in elevation for the drainage to work. Soil type makes a difference. In eastern Indiana you can run into old lake...
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    16 Gauge Afficianados - Quality Ammo and $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping On Any Quantity

    Thanks Chestie for the heads up--I just ordered 3 boxes of #6 in the 16 gauge; they are hard to find around here for anywhere close to that price.
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    Bird Ranch

    I can recommend Broken Arrow Farms, about 20 miles north of Pierre, SD. It has a combination of wild birds and "preserve" birds; I've shot a lot of wild ones and I can't tell the difference in the way these fly. They offer food in their lodge and they have a bird cleaning station we used, we...
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    Pheasant Fest

    I'd like to go but Minneapolis does not appeal to me, particularly in winter. Been there, done that when I was banking. BUT I have been to pheasant Fests in Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha and Chicago, and I am a Life Member of PF, bidding at banquets, giving seed to farmer friends etc. I can say...
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    Public Land/Walk In guide for South Dakota

    Thanks Golden and thanks to all who replied
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    Public Land/Walk In guide for South Dakota

    I purchased the excellent Iowa Sportsman's Atlas last year and found it informative and easy to use. I'd like to buy a similar atlas for South Dakota--a book- type, something showing the National Grasslands, walk-in areas, sstae owned public hunting areas, etc.-- not something online. Where can...
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    The truth about Prairie Storm

    It's just too ironic that we've got a 5 page thread on an ammunition type. Looking past all the ballistics involved, seems to me there's a deeper issue here. Even in pheasant hunting, we can't seem to get past the class warfare. It gladdens my heart that, despite the posturing and braggadocio...
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    Rate your past season

    This was one of the worst seasons I've had; much of it due to extreme stormy weather which coincided almost exactly to the days we took extended hunting trips. Wind and rain were freakishly bad this year. I did shoot 13 ducks, but usually the number is closer to 30 or over. It was dry in y home...
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    Vintage/older Over Unders

    Merkel made and still makes some very high quality over/unders in every gauge. They have beautiful wood and are built rock solid. They've made these for a long time.
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    The truth about Prairie Storm

    I continue to state that a more-than-adequate load to kill almost any pheasant one deserves to get, is the Remington Express 16 gauge 1 1/8 ounce load of 5's or 6's. It drops 'em dead if you hit them right. If you DON'T hit them right, nothing works well.
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    Bird sightings

    My son and I finished out the season by hunting on private land in Livingston County, Illinois. Over there (I'm from Indiana) there is little cover in CRP. Most of the land is flat to undulating and the cover, such as it is, usually amounts to ditchbanks and continuous filter strips, with...
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    91Red--I don't know of an index for Gray's but there probably is one; if all else fails, I would contact the editor of Gray's via the website. It would be worth the extra effort. Bob Peters---I hope you enjoy Great Plains--Frazier captures the essence of the Plains. He wrote another book--"The...
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    I read a lot of the sporting classic literature, especially lately with all of this inclement weather. Here are a few of my favorites: "Grouse & Grouse Hunting"--Frank Woolner; "An Affair With Grouse" and "The Upland Shooting Life"-George Bird Evans "Drummer in the Woods"-Burt Spiller "The...
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    What's the Consensus of Pheasant Hunters

    The 20 is good for good shots (and good women shooters too!) but for an all-round pheasant gun I'll take the 16 gauge and 1 1/8 ounces of Remington Express, or in late season /hurricane winds, Boss #5's. The new A5 or the modified choke Model 12 Winchester 16's are easy to carry, hard on the...
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    What would you do?

    Why are we even still on this thread? OP, you must be a slow learner. You know what they say (and I paraphrase here for the sensitive among us)...cheat me once, shame on you...cheat me twice, shame on me!