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  1. bird shooter

    Not many people reporting here anymore :-(

    I just got back from southeast ND today. There were three of us in our group. We hunted five days, walking about 9 miles a day on Plots and some private land. We saw fewer birds than last year in the same general area. The public land, Plots was sparse hunting. Most of the Plots were...
  2. bird shooter

    16 Ga Prairie Storm Price!

    I stopped at a sporting goods store outside of Minong, WI and saw some 16ga. Prairie Storm. I asked for the price and the lady clerk said with a straight face $56.00 a box. I politely asked if she was joking and she said no. It was the real price. Not for me thank you very much. I did find...
  3. bird shooter

    Remington 1100 16 gauge

    I don't remember the exact weight. I am guessing it is just under 7 pounds. I can weigh it this weekend. I don't have it here right now.
  4. bird shooter

    1148 16 gauge for sale

    The gun is no longer available.
  5. bird shooter

    Remington 1100 16 gauge

    I have hunted the last 5 years with a Remington 1100 16 gauge. I have had great success with it. It is a 1960s era gun with a plain barrel, improved cylinder fixed choke. No issues with cycling or cold weather issues. Anyone with questions I will watch to reply.
  6. bird shooter

    How About The Weirdest, Strangest Thing you've Seen/Experienced While Hunting?

    While hunting in SD we were pushing through a cattail patch and heard something of a struggle. As we approached we saw a large buck whose antlers were stuck in some old fencing. The buck was quite lively and we could not get close enough to do anything to help. I wonder if that buck ever made...
  7. bird shooter

    1148 16 gauge for sale

    I have a Remington Model1148 sixteen gauge shotgun for sale. It has a 26 inch barrel with a factory installed polychoke. The blueing is 60-70%. The wood has no fractures, the finish is in good shape. Pictures are available, I can email pictures if you are interested. I am asking $275 plus...
  8. bird shooter

    Favorite O/U 16 gauge?

    I had a Marlin Model 90 16 gauge and it was a pleasure to carry. I never did get used to an over/under. So I now have a Remington 1100 16 gauge. The semiauto fits my shooting style much better. I sold off the Marlin about five years ago. Just a little seller's remorse. Yeah maybe I should...
  9. bird shooter

    ND 2020 PLOTS guide published

    I have seen at least 10 Plots areas dropped in the last ten years and no new ones to replace them. Now I put on way more miles per day driving than I used to do before the changes. It still is much better than SD.
  10. bird shooter

    1952 Browning A5 12 gauge for sale

    I have a 1952 Browning A5 12 gauge with a Polychoke that I would like to sell. I am open to all offers. I think the condition is very good. It has not seen any use for about 15 years and I no longer have a need for it. It functioned great every time I have used it. I live in northern...
  11. bird shooter

    How wet is it in the eastern part of ND?

    I am looking to hunt in the eastern part of ND. Are the fields too wet to start planting? Will the past storms cause problems come pheasant season?
  12. bird shooter

    Two shotguns for sale A5 & 1148

    I have two shotguns collecting dust in my gun cabinet. The first is an A5 12ga. 1952 vintage with a 27inch plain barrel with a factory installed Polychoke. Weight about 7 1/2 lbs. This gun is at least 90% for both the wood and metal finish. It is 100% functional. I am asking $500 plus...
  13. bird shooter

    Just found the site

    This looks like the place to be for pheasant and bird hunting. My favorite pastimes are pheasant hunting and getting ready for pheasant hunting. I am on my third hunting dog, a German Wirehair Pointer. She is the best of the bunch. At three years old she is in her prime. I am fortunate...