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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    Had something similar happen south of Hays a few years ago. Was getting ready to walk a quarter section of WIHA when a couple of trucks from Crawford County pulled up. They asked to join and I said sure, and I wound up killing a couple of quail that their dogs flushed but flew towards me. But I...
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    I can report that, for the first time since 2005, I did not hunt the opener. What I saw last year combined with the weather reports all summer led me to stay home and give the birds a break. Hopefully with a few wet years they’ll be back and I’ll still be able to make the trip. But I just...
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    On one level, I almost feel bad for them. With the Brownback-era budget cuts gutting state finances, they almost have to keep up the charade to stay funded. But I think Kansans also ought to ask for a better accounting of where the money they do receive goes, and how. I’ve seen way too much...
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    From the KDWP pheasant population map, the counties I hunted are in the heart of the range. I have no regrets about the trip—the weather was perfect (maybe a little warm on Tuesday) and the habitat looked great, with grass up to my armpits in some places. I got to see a lunar eclipse and visit...
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    Went up for opening week—delayed two days by a plumbing emergency at home, so that may have affected my success, but hunted 20+ areas over 5 days, combo of WIHA & WA, mostly in west & NW KS (roughly an arc from Barton to Norton to Mitchell counties). Walked over 20 miles. Flushed one rooster...