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    Late Season Report - We're Nearing the End

    Thanks for the report. I have to live vicariously through you guys hunting late season. 17 hour trip each way for me to chase pheasants.
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    Results after boots on the ground

    Enjoyed your write up. Congrats on a successful pheasant hunt!
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    North Central Report

    Hey that 30pk could hold my 2 favorite beers - 1- cold, 2- free!!
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    Last Trip of 2020 produced a Unique Bird

    That is such a cool looking bird and a very nice mount!
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    Crop status

    This is great news for the opener!! With dry weather all week should be alot of grain coming out of the fields.
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    Would you rather...

    Weather can play a big role at any time of the season from close to 80 degrees to rain to blizzard conditions. I think both times you are considering coming have multiple pluses and minuses. You will have to decide what works best for you and your dogs. Best choice is come both times!
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    Happy “Peak Hatch” Day

    I will definitely celebrate national pheasant hatch day!! Here's to a great summer and fall!!
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    The chicks will be well fed…

    Hoping weather, bugs, cover, and chick's keep on this path for a great fall!
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    Are you staying home?

    No way am I staying home. Life is too short and I can cut corners elsewhere if I need to.
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    Last minute road trip

    Sounds like a great trip! I bet your lab will pick up where it left off next fall.
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    Final two days of the season

    Look like great day on the water!
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    A Tradition

    Good luck to everyone. Please report back how your hunt went.
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    Easiest Pheasants of the Year!!!

    Hey leave some seed fir next year! Thanks for the picks and write up. I can just dream of next year at this point.
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    January Solo Hunt

    I would love to get a puppy. I grew up in KS with German shorthairs. Something really special about watching a dog hunt for you. Then moved to TN after college and have lived here for 25 years. Only get to pheasant and quail hunt a couple times a year. Not sure I could do that to a dog that's...
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    January Solo Hunt

    Thanks for the write up. Doing a solo trip to SD is something I think I would really like. Just need to get the dog first.
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    Thunderstorm roosters!!!!!😎

    I think that would be a fun experience to hear roosters cackling from f-16s flying over.
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    December Hunts

    Enjoyed reading your write up. Great memories made with your son for sure. Glad Bella's cut is healing well.
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    Heading to Kansas

    Headed out this Wednesday with son and brother in law for a pre Christmas hunt. Hope we can kick up a few in North Central KS.
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    New license system on SD GFP

    I don't understand why they wouldn't wait one more month once the season is over.
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    Thanksgiving Hunt

    Enjoyed reading about your hunting trip. Sounded like alot of fun to me. Sorry to hear about your brother.