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    Liver Cancer in Dogs

    We had to put one of our GSP down last week which was 2.5 yrs longer than the vet gave her with a cancer diagnosis. I let the dog kind of pace her life, as long as she was happy and comfortable we let her do what she wanted. Hope the best for you and enjoy what ya can.
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    Could hemp be a good cover crop for pheasants?

    Probably tough to hunt them, in KS anyway, any farm that grows hemp technically has to have any worker or anyone that steps on that farm to be background checked with ATF.
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    Crop weed killer killing chicks?

    Just try a tighter choke
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    Crop weed killer killing chicks?

    It's all a vicious circle for wildlife, clean fields with no bugs are a desert for wildlife. Dicamba has been used for years but not at the rates its been used at the last few years since dicamba beans came about, and hopefully on their way out with all the off target damage it's causing. I'd...
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    Orange Requirements

    Add an old tail feather or two in your cap for good luck too.
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    Ft Riley

    In the early 2000s you could just drive right onto the north side of the base once you had your base hunting license and registered your guns. I highly doubt it is that way any longer. We were scouting one day and passed a "now entering impact zone" sign and moments later a tank passes us as we...
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    Sun Setting on My Hunting Career

    This thread makes me want to drink
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    Pay to Play rates in SD

    I guess I don't really care what a guy does. It's the misleading posts and pics that make me shake my head. If they'd just add to the post, "Birds holding tight today, bird boy shook em good, and those paths we walked with no briars have my legs feeling great too. Great day!" Keep hammering...
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    Paraquat and dogs health

    Run him, then add his name to the class action suit and get him his paraquat dollars👍
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    Pay to Play rates in SD

    Yeah, I know. But I can't help but think a smart landowner who sells hunts by a trespass fee isn't supplementing the pot to ensure his "clients" come back. I'm sure there are cases where it's just a simple access transaction.
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    Pay to Play rates in SD

    I find it hilarious that folks pay to go to these ranches, that have multiple groups a year, possibly per week, yet the people still think they are hunting wild birds. I worked as a guide during college and we had a kid that would turn out birds in the middle of the night on properties for the...
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    Out of the Woodwork

    Heading North today and I-29 has more hunting traffic than I've seen combined in the last two years. Pheasants beware and good luck gentlemen! Hope the birds are wanting to play and if you come across a black truck just keep on moving, nothing to see here😄.
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    When is the best time to hunt quail?

    Up until the last couple hours of daylight then head to the truck and leave them alone!
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    It Looks Grim

    I don't know about the quail out west but we are down again I'd say in the east central/se region. We weren't great last couple years but I felt like we had a few birds around. Haven't seen squat this year even driving pastures and roads. We took our milo out early last week and I've been...
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    It Looks Grim

    I would normally agree but I can't remember much private I even drive by anymore thinking oh I better talk to that guy. Times have sure changed and I too will not be going this year at this point anyhow and it's only 3.5 hr for me to what used to be good pheasant country.
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    This theft couldnt have happened to a more deserving company

    I haven't eaten a stitch of Tyson products in years that I know of. And yes I too was thrilled Tongie shut that sh*t down in KS. Every town Tyson has set up in goes down hill fast. And for the work force they like to tout they bring to the economy, just ask the locals, they'd rather not have...
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    Being shot

    Used to happen more than I'd like to admit when we used to do the big push hunts. Blockers were always getting hit no matter how much you preached to the newbies and some oldies too unfortunately. Big reason I don't hunt like that anymore. Best line I ever heard in that situation was after a...
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    Workout / train (humans, not dogs) for upcoming season

    12 Oz curls daily followed up by 16oz ribeyes as frequently as possible!
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    Sun Setting on My Hunting Career

    Just go as long as you can even if it's just riding along. I had an older friend I hunted with for years and he had copd, the last couple years he just kinda rode along and it was still great to have him there. He said he felt like he was in the way but couldn't have been farther from the truth...
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    Did I make a mistake?

    You can never go wrong snagging an ole humpback. Call me next time 👍