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    Rude is a dang good way to put it! That cold wind and blizzard is flat out rude!
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    I would say yes if you catch a stretch without the crazy wind.
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    I heard two tall radio towers in Henry went down on Wednesday from ice and then the wind. I was in the Watertown area last week and was supposed to stay through Friday. Ended up trying to hunt Thursday morning and after 15 minutes I said screw it and pointed her south to Arkansas! Legit 50mph+...
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    Nice looking gun!
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    Gross- I have both the Masai Mara and the Gordion and I honestly prefer the Gordion. Having shot both a lot, it would be hard to justify the extra money. Just my 2 cents.
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    I am interested to hear as well.. I need a lower end gun that I won't be too upset if it gets dinged a little bit while training, doing hunt tests, or running trials.
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    Retay Gordion..
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    E Collar

    Another option is the garmin 550 plus and then link via bluetooth to your phone for mapping.
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    Benelli M2 - Problem!

    Retay has a patent on a part that prevents that "the Benelli Click" from happening.. The bolt does not return to its full position and the firing pin is just shy of hitting the primer so the gun goes click and never fires. My everyday shooter in the field is a Retay Gordion Semi-Auto 12ga..I...
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    Light Modified for me in a Retay Gordion 12ga..I hunt over pointers on all public land and pressured birds, so more times than not they get up a decent ways away.
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    Camping for upland hunting

    What more do you need?
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    Walk-in Access Point

    Hello all, question about BLM access points and parking. I apologize if this is a silly question, but I want to follow the rules as I'm very appreciative of people letting us hunt their land. On my OnX app it has an icon for the walk in access point and I assume this is where you sign in to gain...
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    Suggestions on a lighter gun

    The quick release trigger mechanism, quick unload feature, and the better recoil pad are the main differences. Is it worth the extra $300-400? Maybe, maybe not.. I don't necessarily "miss" them. The Gordion is a very fine, reliable, lightweight gun. I opt taking that over my Benelli or a Franchi...
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    Suggestions on a lighter gun

    Honestly no, but I shoot 3.5" duck hunting so I am probably a bit resistant to the smaller loads lol. I also have the Masai Mara in 20ga but I carry the 12ga Gordion if that tells you anything.
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    Suggestions on a lighter gun

    I highly suggest the Retay Gordion. I carried that gun all over SD and KS last season and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very nice shooting gun.
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    New strap vest

    Great choice! I too like the basic aspect... Water bottles and shells.
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    Leaving Dogs In Vehicle

    Yes, I have a little Bluetooth temperature thermometer that tells the temp of the bed, so I can monitor that. Also, this is late Sep-Oct not June, July, Aug so big difference there.
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    New strap vest Low profile/basic and very comfortable. I am 6'0 215 and prefer the "Super" size
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    Leaving Dogs In Vehicle

    When making long 10+ hour drives in the heat, I use an icy breeze cooler/fan combo in the camper shell that is run off a deep cycle battery. Then I just refill it with ice when I stop for gas or potty break.. (y)
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    Dog teeth cleaning?

    I have my dogs teeth cleaned at least once a year. In fact, I will be taking all 3 of mine next week. I firmly believe in good oral health.