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  1. Hunthemup

    Opening Day ?!?

    Here are the photos
  2. Hunthemup

    Opening Day ?!?

    We managed to get out to eastern Colorado (private farm land) and has some success. Tough hunting lots of searching. It gave my 11 month GSP some good experience and my 7 yr old had a blast. Not sure I will go back until some good snow hits. Below are some photos of the outing.
  3. Hunthemup

    Side by Sides

    That price was a couple of years ago. I was making the comparison on today's prices
  4. Hunthemup

    Side by Sides

    Understand thats why I was asking. Saw one at the local Cabelas library for about $1,100+ Last time I saw some listed they were going from $800+
  5. Hunthemup

    Side by Sides

    What is the sterlingworth 16 used sell for these days?
  6. Hunthemup

    Dog names and tributes

    I have/had a Reina, Raven and Roxy, Rassafras and Rachen. The boys names were all over. So the R take the cake.
  7. Hunthemup


    I was out with my 2 sons for some Sharpies in the SW panhandle and while it was sparse, we did manage to harvest a few. Temps got hot by mid day but mornings were ok. We did spent sometime cooling off our 7 yr and 10months GSPs but it was better then being in the couch. Next stop SW NE for some...
  8. Hunthemup

    Lock and Load for Nebraska

    I usually wait until after the first week of opening season and then go. Had some success and sometimes a walk with a shotgun. haha. During the slow times I scout and look for small pockets. Good luck and post your experience. BE SAFE
  9. Hunthemup

    Looking at Over/Under 16 ga. opinions

    Wise move and your logic makes sense. I too have the same gauge as a backup when out of state or 2-3 day hunt trip. The CZ has the reputation of being a reliable gun. My backup 16 is an old Western Field pump (browning A5 design) that I started with when I turned 15 years old. Had it re-work...
  10. Hunthemup

    Where would you go?

    Just back from Nebraska sharp-tail hunting and saw few to make the weekend worth & fun. The temp did get up in the mid to high 70sin the afternoon but the morning was about right. Yes the NW Panhandle showed some of the drought conditions but the State feedback for that part of the state showed...
  11. Hunthemup

    Sun Setting on My Hunting Career

    I know that many here are not with this kind of thinking but here is my thoughts. I am 72 yrs old with a neck surgery fused and both knee replacement (arthritis) but still hunt. Today I am good for a few days chasing wild birds then a break before going out again. Even if I just have a few hours...
  12. Hunthemup

    Japan made Winchester 101- Good or bad deal?

    I gave my son my 101( 1965) and he loves it. He can shoot the H...... out of it.
  13. Hunthemup

    Looking at Over/Under 16 ga. opinions

    Is there a reason why you want a 16ga having one already? I know once a 16ga lover always a 16ga lover. However, if you want just to have the ability to go o/u way and on a budget as for a second gun- look into the savage 555, CZ & Tristar trinity. They are well built & solid reviews etc. If...
  14. Hunthemup

    New upland shotgun?

    I have all the A5 Browning 12,16 &20, I also have a Rizzini 20ga o/u. They have all brought down their share of Roosters. The 12ga is now too heavy for me to carry in the fields and the 20ga (older version) I am able to walk a few fields with it before I notice my mounting is suffering. So here...
  15. Hunthemup

    New Browning A5 16 FTE

    This is what my gunsmith told me as I was having some recycle issues as well. " The new A5 particularly the 16ga will be needing more throughout cleaning than previous guns. It made be a breaking in period but always clean it after a good use. I cant tell you why that is"
  16. Hunthemup

    Any reports from SW Nebraska??

    My last report from a local farmer just recently indicated a tough year again. He suggested if you like tough hunting come. If you want birds stay home. He had not started harvesting yet so he said not sure of the bird population but had not seen alot. Not promising :cry:
  17. Hunthemup

    Camping for upland hunting

    I do the travel trailer thing about a couple of times on multi-days trips during hunting season. I do use it about 12 times during summer for family camping here in CO and the west. I can usually have about 4 days on the double batteries while dry camping but all the other conveniences from...
  18. Hunthemup

    Am I the only one with birds to eat yet?

    Still have a few in the deep freezer and planing on making some sausages. Getting ready for another year harvest
  19. Hunthemup

    Where to go...MT ID SD?

    A bad year in MT upland is a great year elsewhere!!! NE MT is where I have some experience with success as recent as the fall of 2020. Staying closer to my turf for now as gas prices etc have increased. GO for it, its all an adventure.
  20. Hunthemup

    Managing for Huns?

    Huns are in good numbers in Mt (weather dependent) and that is where I have shot them and hunted for them. We have found them in the areas that Sharpies are. SO, I think as habitat have changed as one goes east so has the huns. Old timers ( i mean older timers since I am 72) talked about them...