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    Snow hunting

    Went out Southwest on Saturday in the snow. Did better than opening day in the same area, as the birds were concentrated and holding tight in thick cover.
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    Snow hunting

    To you seasoned veterans- what kind of cover have you had the most success in when the snow is falling?
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    Birds 90% down in SW/SC where we hunt mostly private. A couple spots w ok numbers. In what seems to be a direct correlation, 90-95% of all crp has been hayed or grazed down to nothing. Farmer also told me that he can sell crp that he bales right now- Sweet deal.
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    What do you hunt at 1st light?

    Thick crp, short grass, or Milo stubble at first light?
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    Heat wave

    Supposed to be over 100 for the next week or so in pheasant country. Are the chicks sturdy enough to withstand?
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    A Tradition

    Went out southwest with 4 guys and 2 kids today- killed 4 pheasant and 15 quail. The roads were dicey this afternoon, but was never really worried about getting stuck. Was sure hard to locate the pheasant in the afternoon- had that trouble both times we went out this year. Would sure be great if...
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    Kansas Run

    Father in law hunted between Dodge and Jetmore on opener- 10 guys and 6 dogs on all private land- Got 4 pheasant and a quail. Haven’t heard anything about N of Jetmore.
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    When do we start the push for change?

    Can someone give a brief summary of what we should say when we call? I am a resident hunter who has been blessed with private land to hunt, but I want to help.
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    Troy- what would be the best food to put out for them?
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    How long can quail and phez survive if food sources are covered up in this weather?
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    KDWPT Wildlife Commission

    I ended up being gone and not able to attend. Sounded disappointing.
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    Planning on zoom. Would you consider starting a new thread with a link for the meeting and a few key talking points? I think some guys are probably skipping over this thread now with 200 some replies.
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    Tough hunting

    went out Saturday in SW on private ground with no dogs. 9 guns, stopped hunting around 4. Found 20 quail and 7 roosters, and regrettably lost more. Tons of coveys, including the biggest covey I’ve ever seen (over 50 if there was one). Saw some crp that had been mowed down- we need to be talking...
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    Benefit of website for KS Sportsman 2 Speak out?

    I’m for it
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    Kansas IWIHA Reservations -

    Never heard of this- anyone ever use this?
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    What are your recommendations for the best place to get ammo online or in store? I have a hard time finding Remington Nitro, which I seem to have the most success with.
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    Numbers so far...

    Haven't got a great feel for how everybody did from the opener until now, but the general feeling I'm getting is that numbers are the same or down from last year, just as the forecast predicted. We hunted southwest on opening day and had our worst day since probably 2013- but I attribute some of...
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    Less than a month

    Is anybody getting excited, or has the year of tough weather put a damper on things? No matter what the numbers, it is a blast to get out with friends and family! I'm planning on heading out close to dodge, what are your plans?
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    Hey guys- this has been an awful year for hail, and last night my hunting grounds got pounded with "racquetball" sized hail. What are the odds of mature birds surviving that? I'm never out in the fields after these events, so I just don't know.