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    Ruff Land Kennels

    I have 2 of them.. an intermediate and a large. It had been a "want" of mine for a long time but I never really wanted to pay the full price for one. Then one day on facebook marketplace, listed about 1 minute ago, was 3 kennels 10 minutes away. I went there to buy the large and left with a...
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    My dog likes him some mice

    I have a lab that does the same as well. Looks pretty birdy while chasing them too. I used to be worried that it would develop a bad habit but I don't think it's done anything negative and I don't think he's choosing to hunt field mice over pheasants when we are out.
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    Rising Costs

    Not really... could say that pheasant hunting is my "mental therapy." Can't really put a price on that. I'm not going to spend $1,000's on a SD trip, but it's going to take a lot for me to not make 2 of them a year, in addition to weekly hunting around home. Below is a SD DIY Public Land price...
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    BrookingsCountyPheasantsForever banquet

    Sounds like your doing a great job of trying to create interest in the outdoors with youth, amongst other things. Nice work! If the youth are not interested in some form of outdoors, habitat, environment, hunting, recreation, etc. then I'm afraid that all things outdoors will slowly die away...
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    After 5 years now of a pickup with a topper, I'll have a hard time ever switching to anything else.
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    SD Fall colors/hunt w new family next year

    Fall colors in trees... not much except for a stop in the Black Hills along the way. There is still plenty of camping that will fit your needs along the way though - Black Hills, Badlands. Then you'll hit the wide open prairie where you'll have the beautiful fall color of tan or brown. Whether...
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    Grouse/Woodcock vs Pheasants

    100% accurate. The opportunity to limit for 1-2 people on public land is there. Up to you to shoot accurate, have a decent dog, be in shape and willing to walk. Up to a little luck that you pick your trip with decent weather and that the public pieces you hunt haven't been hunted hard right...
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    Buying shells online - before next fall

    Anybody bought shells online before? This season I used up old shells but am almost out, and never see any stock in stores around here. I'd like to buy a case full online and I don't really care when they arrive as long as it's before October. However, I really can't find anywhere that lets me...
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    Relocation to south dakota

    There are pros and cons to all. One thing not mentioned yet is Chamberlain is on the interstate, in case getting too/from places quicker/easier is a priority. Personally I'd list them Chamberlain, Pierre, Yankton but there's no right or wrong.
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    Anyone Here Hunt Watertown Area???? Plenty of public land in the area. Not the highest amount of birds, but also not the highest amount of hunters either. Personally, if I was traveling from a distance I would go another 1-3 hours...
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    New Gloves!!!

    I tried that this past weekend, I didn't seem to notice a difference. The next day I put one on my wrist and in my palm, it made a difference - but it also wasn't as cold... so who knows. Tried a new setup: hand warmer on my wrist and palm, used athletic pre-wrap to hold it in place. Put on a...
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    Looking for SD Pheasants~Hunt Swap?

    Without a dog makes it more difficult, but not impossible. You'll be in a location that has plenty of birds and public land. If you are wanting to kill some time, not spend money, have a chance at some roosters - then go for it. You've got nothing to lose. Will 6 guys get a limit of 18 birds...
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    Lots of hens - no roosters

    I've read a few times that you need roughly 10% of the rooster population to make it to spring and they can breed every hen there is to get the pheasant population back to what that area can sustain. In fact, some studies say you really don't want more than 10% of the roosters to survive. More...
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    Lots of hens - no roosters

    I don't know what to tell you... I just returned from 3 days in South Dakota all on public land and had a very memorable trip. Sure there were more hens than roosters, but not anything out of ordinary. A lot of it I think is just right place at right time.
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    January Solo Hunt

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen a million tracks and no birds. I start to question if my dog is actually as good as I think he is. I think those public land roosters are so smart and know how to bury themselves and hide, run like crazy ahead of you, or run then circle back around...
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    January Solo Hunt

    And for anyone planning a DIY SD Trip, they are very possible to do for cheap. Lots of factors (weather, dog work, shooting, right place at right time), but you can have success (I would classify that as a reasonable expectation for a 1-2 person limit with the factors in your favor) on a public...
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    January Solo Hunt

    I'm going to piggy-back off this thread with my recent solo trip as well. Weather was fantastic, snow is minimal, birds are around but they are smart. Hunted all day Saturday - Monday, anywhere within 50 miles North and South of I-90, east of Hwy 45 and West of Hwy 19, my "base camp" was...
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    2021 Season

    Luckily I still had a somewhat decent SD trip, but still bad shooting, that got my dog a good amount of retrieves and bird work on. Still have another SD trip that I am taking this month, possibly later this week. I'm in it for the dog work and the exercise and peace of being outdoors on your...
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    The BEST upland hunting boot..?

    From what I understand, today's Pronghorns (made in China) are not the same as older ones (made in USA). I went through 4 pairs of Pronghorns in 3 seasons from 2018-2020 hunting seasons. Luckily, Danner has fantastic customer support/warranty and all pairs got replaced for free under warranty...
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    2021 Season

    I will try the underside of the wrists. I put them in my glove, but it is just on my palm and really doesn't do much for my fingertips. I have no problem with cold weather on any part of my body other than 2 fingers on my right hand...