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    Mckelvie National Forrest Trip Advice

    Valentine is the closest town big enough for a vet, supplies etc. I only had luck high. The hills are big I found birds high up in depressions. Valentine was about 25 miles. You can get some stuff at the reservoir. I had AT&T spotty service. I can’t imagine anything will work consistently...
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    i made 2 trips up. Bird numbers where I hunted were way off. The grass on most of the private land is grazed to the ground. I ranch so I understand there’s not much you can do when it’s dry, but everywhere looked like a pool table. Sure hope we see moisture this spring. Our terrible drought in...
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    northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

    I’ve hunted eastern mt the last 3 years with a Brit. Haven’t noticed any trouble with her feet. And she’s a weenie when it comes to stickers. I took boots but didn’t need them.
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    To many hunters

    I understand. In Oklahoma from 13-15 quail pop were on the rise. 16 quail were everywhere it was like the old days. A public spot I hunt was covered with quail. Hunters poured in. I met people from all over. I talked to 2 guys on a Sunday who drove up from Dallas, over 4 hours one way just for...
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    Bucket list trips!

    Been to Kansas a bunch, I’ve not seen any scaled quail. The bobwhites have been better in Kansas. I think the cottontops are more extreme sw Kansas
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    Bucket list trips!

    Been twice finally saw a covey last year. Didn’t get one but at least I finally saw them. Probably haven’t really hunted hun habitat. I was after pheasant and sharp tails but would love to get into the Huns.
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    Bucket list trips!

    One of mine was Montana, been twice now. Another was the sandhills been twice there too. I’d love to try Arizona quail, ruffed grouse anywhere. Wild Chukar anywhere. If it’s wild birds I’ll try it. I hope I get to see one or two more good years of quail here in western Ok.
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    Best rural eats

    Macs drive in McCook Nebraska burger and fries or anything on the menu. Powder keg pizza Fairview Montana.
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    Are you staying home?

    I’ll cut back other places. I’m fortunate that I can still afford to go. It’ll hurt more but I’m not cutting back much if any.
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    First Kansas hunt

    I just hunted Kansas, it all depends on the area. We found a lot in some places, none in others. More quail than pheasants. It’s not a everyone limits season. But birds are there. My dog struggled with the dryness. She found coveys of quail but struggled with singles.
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    Miles city or Baker Hotel recomendations

    I stayed at the Fairfield, better digs than I usually stay in.
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    Miles city or Baker Hotel recomendations

    i stayed in Sidney this October , several pet friendly hotels. Good pizza joint up the road in Fairview. Good choice
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Pipes aka Piper
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    Enough of the good news...

    Glad I’m not the only one
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    Just ended my trip to Montana, overall it was pretty good. Personally I saw fairly good pheasant numbers. Nowhere near the grouse I saw last year, but still quite a few. Saw my first covey of Huns. ( they flushed out into an overgrazed pasture and flushed wild again then with rain messing up my...
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    REM 1100 magnum

    Got a magnum and a regular. Both are great, but they are heavy. Most of the time I carry a o/u 20 but late season pheasant I’ll break out the 1100 and lug it lol.
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    Not much good news in the quail forever state forecast

    I’ve personally seen young birds here in western Ok about 2 weeks ago that probably wouldn’t have been seen in August surveys and I’ve heard a lot of similar stories. Hoping its better than it looked.
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    Fly fishing and pheasant hunting?

    What about around Lewistown Mt
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    Grouse And Hun Opener

    Awesome photos looks like an amazing trip
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    General Advice Needed for Grouse and Quail??

    I’ve hunted sw Nebraska and got pheasants, quail and at least saw either chickens or sharps. Most likely chickens but I can’t tell the difference unless I’m close. These flew over me in a corn field and landed out in stubble. I think your out of luck on Quail in Mt.