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    LOST DOG in Sioux Falls

    wow thats terrible. Best of luck
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    Do you shoot coyotes while pheasant hunting?

    Theyre not quite that ghostly. I had them over bait piles while bear hunting in the UP for a few years in a row. While I was in a ladder stand. I also came face to face with one while bird hunting the UP. A wolf at 20 ft between me and my Springer is not something I want to experience again.
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    Pheasant Fest

    SF is just too far to drive for a one day show like that. Im 8 hrs from SF.
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    Tragedy averted with Technology

    I also have debated about a gps e collar for many years and have somehow justified not needing one so far. This may put me over the top. I have a Golden and Springer. Im very glad your story ended well.
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    Final Rise, Chief Upland, Marsupial, Q5

    Im still trying to get past the $300 for a vest. Head to toe its easy to spend over $2k these days. What has happened to us…
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    OR (Outdoor Research) Gaiters

    So whats the real advantage of gaiters over chaps? Less drag ?
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    2022/2023 PHEASANT Hunting Videos

    Lefty, all of your videos are showing as private
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    Izaak Walton League

    Thats awesome! Congrats to you!
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    Kent Bismuth

    I just bought some 12ga Boss 4's. I wasnt expecting the brass to be the same size as the hulls. o_O
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    Liver Cancer in Dogs

    Im very sorry for what youre going thru and whats headed your way. Hang in there
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    2022 Season In Pictures

    Thats a framer for sure!
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    I bought the a400 last Fall and the safety has taken some getting used to but I really like the gun. Weighs 6 lb 11 ozs if I recall correctly.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    You and Cindy Win this year!!
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    I saw a TON of hawks and a few owls in my first trip to SD this year. Believe me they are there.
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    Women's Upland Pants

    As a couple guys mentioned above, I wouldnt get too hung up on upland clothing. Comfy jeans with good chaps are best. Jacket is a bit more personalized to fit and needs.
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    I have sunrise kickoff envy…
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    Banded Bird

    Looks like a club
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    Rain suit

    Dans Hunting Gear is pretty stout products and seems a bit less expensive than Stonecreek. I have the 5 star chaps that I spray w waterproofing often.
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    Bad Weather, Good Trip!

    Good stuff!