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  1. Nimrod

    AKC/UKC hunt tests for Upland Lab

    Tests are just that, tests. The UKC Upland focuses on “steady” to wing & shot and nothing else, hardly the definition of a useful upland dog. The AKC Spaniel tests ( which also allow retrievers) require The dog to hunt the wind intelligently and to find, flush and retrieve birds. Judging is...
  2. Nimrod

    20-Yard Box Training for Flushers (Golden Retriever)

    Carry a clip wing pigeon in your vest and throw it into cover when she punches out. Draw her in downwind so she finds it in close. This helps convince her the birds are near you. (never let her see you do this) You can also learn to shoot longer birds with practice at a trap range, 40+ yards...