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    Specialty gear/equipment

    I'm in agreeance with the Garmin. Took me a while to cough up the money for one but now I can' t imagine hunting without one. So nice knowing where your dog is at all times plus quite a few times over the years it's been in my pocket, started to vibrate, looked and seen where the dog was (tall...
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    Final days in Kansas

    Yep, I've lost quite a few good sections of Walk-in over the years due to this. It's sad but it is what it is.
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    Kansas Ringneck Hunt

    Just curious were you hunting with a guide? Also, around how many birds per day did you see? Thanks
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    Rate your past season

    This was the worst season I've had in my 22 years of chasing pheasants. Went to South Dakota and it was good, but Kansas has been terrible. I hunt private ground in Western Kansas and public land all over, not much for birds this year. Usually would see between 15-20 in a days hunt and would...
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    Garmin Pro 550+

    I agree. Didn't ever think I needed one but after hunting with one the past couple years I can't imagine not having it. It's so nice being able to look down and see where your dog is. At least 5 times over the past two years I've been walking and it starts to vibrate (letting me know he's on...
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    Shot a whopper pheasant

    Yep, mount him. Then every time you look at him you'll think back to the memory of the hunt and it'll put a smile on your face. I've got a bunch of deer mounts, wish I wouldn't have spent the $ on half of them but my bird mounts I love and would do it again in a heartbeat!
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    Snow birds…

    I jerky all of mine. I can give you goose jerky and deer jerky and you'd be hard pressed to know which is which.
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    NW is Dismal

    Just returned from SW Kansas, it's about the same. Kansas is hurting big time.
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    Most Unusual Double

    I got one from about 20 years ago. Two dogs went on point about 20 yards apart. Walked into the first dog and two roosters jumped up and I shot one and missed the other. On the shot a covey of quail got up in front of the other dog and I quickly reloaded and shot one of the late rising birds...
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    Asking permission

    I take my son (14) along a lot of times as well. I'll have him call and thank the person for letting us hunt. I teach middle school kids and most have terrible communication skills now a days. It's usually something that needs taught, he's learning and has gotten a lot better at it over the...
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    Asking permission

    If you can't visit them in person I'd call them. I've gotten on ground with a phone call and a conversation. Then I always send them a little thank you card in the mail after the hunt. Not sure how a letter would go over, probably in the trash.
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    Kansas Hunt

    You're one of the few people that I've heard about getting into pheasant. Heading out West next week, we'll see if we can find a few.
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    Pay to Play rates in SD

    Hey, just sent you a PM. Thanks, Bryan
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    2 buddies and I went out yesterday to some ground we've been hunting for a long time. I shot one 50 yards out of the truck and then we didn't see a bird the rest of the field until we got back around by the truck and 4 hens busted out. Walked two more fields and seen one hen, both these...
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    One thing we've noticed is the amount of hawks that are around as well. The birds are easy pickings since the feed fields don't have much for weeds now a days. Was in South Dakota last weekend and I made the comment to my hunting buddies how we weren't seeing very many if any hawks. Kansas is...
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    Bad Weather, Good Trip!

    Thanks for the report, love the pics!
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    Banded Bird

    Just called the number and got a message saying "Thanks for calling Cackle Corner, if you shot a banded bird please leave your name, date it was shot, area you shot it, band number and a phone number we can reach you at". I did what they asked, guess we'll see what comes of it. Oh ya, also...
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    What would you do?

    Good points all around, I can't believe the guy did that. Trust is very big with me, if I can't trust you, so long. Doesn't sound like he was a very good buddy. I'd have a talk with him and see what he says. I agree that this probably isn't the first time he's done something like this...
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    Banded Bird

    We were around the Mitchell area. I'll call tonight and let you guys know what I find out. Thanks
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    Banded Bird

    Will do, be later on tonight before I can mess with it. Thanks