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  1. Ranger Rick

    Grouse report

    I'm headed for deer camp this afternoon. One of my brothers finished a big job and headed up yesterday. He sent picture of a new clearcut they're still logging on. It will be a good woodcock spot @ the year 2030. In the County land where our family has hunted since the mid-50's, they've...
  2. Ranger Rick

    Grouse report

    I shot more grouse this year than the last couple seasons. If I was in good cover, I found grouse. Woodcock were off for me. Some of that has to do with my favorite coverts of young aspen now getting too old to provide habitat for them. Still, I'm always scouting and I hunted new areas that...
  3. Ranger Rick

    gps tracking devices?

    Thank you. Great advice. I'll be looking into this.
  4. Ranger Rick

    gps tracking devices?

    Greetings: I do a fair amount of hunting alone. Now in my 60's and with a few health issues over the past 10 years, I worry about something happening to me while I'm out of cell phone coverage. My wife and I have "find my phone" on our Iphones. She can see where I'm at as long as I've got...
  5. Ranger Rick

    2021 Bird Hunting Pics/Reports

    Hit the woodcock pretty good two weekends ago. Grouse numbers decent, too. This past weekend in Vilas Co, the woodcock had mostly moved on. Lots of chalk on the ground and only a few birds.
  6. Ranger Rick

    2020 WI Pheasant Reports/Pics

    Grouse numbers are pretty good in the north this year. And the woodcock are starting to move. We shot some limits of woodcock and a decent take on grouse this past weekend.
  7. Ranger Rick


    Call me lucky, or whatever, but my Setters point porkies. Have encountered at least 1 with my last 3 dogs. Same for skunks.
  8. Ranger Rick

    Crop harvest reports?

    It's wet here in WI. More rain today. No frost yet, either and an extended growing season. I hear of flood warnings in Eastern IA and hope everyone is safe. Are there any beans and corn coming off the fields yet? SD has been dry and they're harvesting beans now. What's it like in Iowa pheasant...
  9. Ranger Rick

    Anyone heading out for small game opener?

    Just back in the office after running Max in the fields during the noon hour. He and I are excited to hit the woods this coming weekend.
  10. Ranger Rick


    This is an Iowa forum, so while I'm going off topic as far as pheasants are concerned, I'll pose the question anyway. How are your Hawkeyes looking this year? My Badgers upset LSU, which I would never have bet would happen. They now have two patsies, then run the gamut with MI State, Michigan...
  11. Ranger Rick

    Question - dog on the furniture, or not?

    I'm 57 and have only had a couple short periods of my life without a setter around. The dogs were kenneled outside when I was a kid. After one house dog starting out on my own, I kenneled one outside when we had little ones in diapers and crawling around. Since then they've been house dogs. We...
  12. Ranger Rick

    Snow report?

    Just curious... any snow left in NC-NW IA from that storm a week, or so ago? Ours is gone here in WI.
  13. Ranger Rick

    Rapid City area question?

    One of my brothers has a daughter who recently moved to Rapid City to take a job. He wants to go visit, along with his son and a young Brittany. He would like to make it a combination visit and pheasant hunt. I've had some really good trips just west of the Missouri, but have never been that...
  14. Ranger Rick

    Switching gears?

    Anyone else switching gears and headed out to their deer stand this weekend? I see you guys in the south are expecting to get clobbered with heavy white stuff. We're just supposed to be cold. With the mild fall we've been having, I was looking forward to sitting on stand without freezing. Now...
  15. Ranger Rick

    Winter is here

    Blizzard conditions here in the north. Glare ice roads going to work. The body shops will be doing good business today. Max and I got out in the snow in Vilas County on Saturday to chase some grouse. He pointed two birds in heavy fir cover. I figured with the weather the grouse would be where...
  16. Ranger Rick

    It's go time!

    Heading out in the morning for Iowa. Dog's ready. Guns and ammo packed. Groceries [beer included] to buy. Pack a last few items of clothing and I'm ready. Fired up and excited!:cheers:
  17. Ranger Rick

    Grouse and woodcock in the bag!

    Winter came on Friday! Snow in the eve and overnight. What a difference from the previous weekend when we deemed it too hot to hunt and went golfing instead. Saturday it rained all day and was very windy. Hard to keep working properly in that much wind. Dog can't hear me, I can't hear dog...
  18. Ranger Rick

    Sure feels like fall!

    After the hurricane we've been receiving lately, the NW winds kick in. Took the dog for a walk before work this morning and was bumming that I didn't wear gloves. Had my hands jammed in pockets to keep them warm. This weekend we fly to California to visit one of our daughters, who lives out...
  19. Ranger Rick

    Advice on chronic cough

    My 3-1/2 year old setter has a cough, bronchitis. This is the third time he's had it. Nov 2012 after being boarded for a week. Nov 2013 after returning from Iowa pheasant hunting. Now July into August 2014. Nov 2012 treated with antibiotics for kennel cough. Nov 2013 same treatment, but it...
  20. Ranger Rick

    Blastomycosis warning

    Greetings: A disease many have not heard of, but seems to be increasing. 5 years ago I lost my 5 old setter to blasto. In recent weeks, my brothers two golden retrievers are deadly sick with it. I live in Wausau area. Hunt Marathon, Langlade and Vilas counties. No idea where my dog picked it...