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    spring 2020

    this was one of the more enjoyable pheasant hunting season than i have had since the 80's. and my o my, it sure doesn't seem like he hurt the population much, this late winter there was birds everywhere, and now in the evenings the roosters are really calling. i hope and pray we don't have a...
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    cost of pheasant license

    there was a question asked in another post of why Iowa charges like a $140 or a little more to hunt? good question seems high , i agree. and the poster went on to say it is way more than other states? what do S. Dakota charge and what are the limitations? i know that N Dakota was around $100...
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    national holiday hunt

    well... its back to work this morning after the opening day " national holiday" . the same three of us went out that have for the past 15 years. our ages 83-62-35. and a 10 year old dog. it was a fantastic weekend. we dont cover the ground we use to but we sure the heck saw more birds than...
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    what a season

    as the season comes to a close this week, i think it has been quite the hunting season...several more hours in the field this year with the nice weather. a whole lot more birds than in the past, not quite like the 80's, but i really believe we are getting there, with the help of this winter...
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    funtastic hunt

    well... our shooting eye's weren't very good but the hunt was FANTASTIC. my 82 year old friend from out of state came back for a second hunt this weekend. and it is great to see the birds !!! lots of birds. i know from my weekly hunts that the populations are very good....compared to the past...
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    Crp ground

    Interesting therory i have ! In the 3 mile area around my house, i have alot of crp ground that has been in for 15-20 years. So when i have hunted , even when the population was down i saw lots of birds.... Is it possible that the increase of crp ground in my neighborhood, "7 new parcels...
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    Phesant count 1st of decmeber

    I am hunting the same private ground I have hunted for over 20 years. crp/heavy fencelines. over the past few years when the count was way down, the dog and I had plenty of birds to chase..... never had a problem flushing birds. this year on opening day we all decided the numbers were about...
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    how old to start hunting?

    yes I involve my grandkids, but just wondering how old everybody was when they were allowed to start carrying a gun? my family rule in the 70's was .... you walked along and learned until you were age 13, you then got the family 4-10 for the year, and on our 14th birthday my grandfather would...
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    all abou the kids and pheasants in N. central iowa

    grandkids can't wait for us to come home with pheasants. this was opening day at noon. good times
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    nothing like the first snow of the year to hunt pheasants in, can't wait till morning !!! sure hope we don't get to much snow... anybody else going out ?
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    much better season

    it has been a good season, two of us got 6 on opening day, and have been out each sat, and sun since opener by myself, and have shot one each day...a fresh bird for us and my parents for dinner each weekend. been awful warm, for me and the dog. we are seeing a lot of roosters, and not very...