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    WI Opener

    Always try to avoid crowds opening weekends. But it's fun to get out to get some excercise. So I drove to some public ground yesterday, ariving about 1/2 hour before opener. Parked in an area away from the general parking lot, and was pleased that nobody was to close by. Started off at 9:00 with...
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    Time to shake off the rust?

    Still hot, but I find myself perusing upland websites, and wondering what I need to pick up for bird hunting. I promised myself this year I will do a little more traveling to find some new areas for wild pheasants. Plan to try a few areas over toward Madison, and meet up with a friend in Dodge...
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    870 special 12

    Looking to sell an 870 Special 12. Having trouble establishing value. I did not buy the gun originally. English stock, 21 inch barrel. Fixed choke. Really good condition. What do you think it is worth?
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    Last Chance

    Anybody out yet? Tried some public land on a 3 hour swamp March today with my kid. We did move 2 hens and 2 roosters. Boy I feel old right now!
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    Turtle valley

    Anybody ever try this. Fairly new. Tough at the moment with lots of water and no ice?
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    Is it the gun

    Good morning. Been thinking about a 28 gauge, and a question keeps coming to mind. A quick explanation. A few years ago I bought my first o/u, a browning 20 gauge Cynergy. Really liked the feel and fit. Shortly after I also bought a Sig Rizzini TR20. Liked them both, but I never really seemed to...