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    QUESTION Rubber mats on PHA properties

    Forgive me if I've asked about this in the past, but has anyone else noticed black rubber mats (about 2ftx2ft or maybe 3ftx3ft) laying flat on the ground within grassland habitat on Pheasant Habitat Areas (PHA) properties? I've noticed these mats over the years but have no idea what they are...
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    brief news clip out of SD/pheasant outlook 2019
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    2019 Wisconsin pheasant report

    Pheasants up 7.82%.
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    Illinois 2019 pheasant report

    Illinois' 2019 pheasant report is out. Some welcomed news; They're reporting an increase (within the 62 pheasant observation) routes over 2018.
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    video clip of Ohio pheasants 2019
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    Young WI pheasants

    Here's a short clip of some young pheasants in Wisconsin.
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    Pollinator habitat increasing Monarch populations

    Aaron Kuehl at Pheasants Forever posted this on their Pheasants Forever Facebook page. Wintering Monarchs saw a nice increase in their numbers this year. Pheasants...
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    Raise your mallards up!

    I'm not sure if there was a tornado so close to my duck-blind I'd be sticking around for photos! "Raise your mallards up":laugh: (note; There's some "spicy" language in the first part of the video so it's will start around 1:13).
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    2018 spring/summer conditons

    Does anyone have any reports of seeing birds and broods? Nesting conditions for the norther part of the state seemed to be much better this spring compared to last spring. It's been wet this week. Too wet, but beside that things have been looking good. There's been a few reports of bird...
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    Detroit pheasant tour

    I can't seem to find the Detroit/pheasant thread so I'll start a new one here. The link below; Another video on the tour with some very good wild pheasant footage.
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    Live nesting pheasant cam

    Below is a link to a nesting hen pheasants on live cam. Note; The video (as of now) is side-ways for some reason???
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    Lost or abandoned Labrador SD

    This dog may have already been adopted out. Not sure:confused: The owner either left her or lost her. Just in case she was lost and the owner may be looking;
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    Illinois Habitat Hubs

    Feel free to add to this thread what you think, observed, etc regarding Illinois habitat hub areas positive or negative. To those who work on such areas to improve the habitat and increase the acreage/areas thank you! Anyway, there seems to be a few positive trends within Illinois' habitat...
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    Bobcat attempts to grab young rooster/pheasant Bobcat takes whitetail deer
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    Pheasant trapping and research video

    A brief video on Minnesota's pheasant research. Sounds similar to what we've done here in Illinois over the last 4-5 years or so.
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    2017 conditions

    Well, it looks like Illinois came out of this winter with ease. Early on (this past winter), predation was higher than normal (this part of the state) due to a hard snow pack issue. The hard/crusted snow really made it difficult for birds to seek safety in the cover once a hawk was on their...
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    Illinois Pheasants Forever Meeting 2017

    Let me see if I can copy and past our posts from the other thread to this one. That way we can keep subjects separated. It started with; --1phea4---That's a PHA yes? Yeah, better luck next time! Illinois PHA's seem to be getting pretty good. I hope some time in the future we can increase...
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    1,2,3+ year old pheasants

    A5, I want to keep the "live pheasant photo" thread as clean as possible with live pheasant photos so we can discuss your questions further within this thread.:) I wasn't. I was talking about 3+ year old wild birds. On dead birds, necks get girth, chests get very heavy compared to younger...
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    Illinois Farmland and Prairie

    I'm not sure I posted a link to this in the past or not. If so, sorry. Illinois Farmland and Prairie program;
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    Recently I've talked with two hunting club employees--from two separate clubs. They started culling coyotes on their (hunting club) property. One started culling 2 years ago (Coon Creek Hunt club). Both for the first time have 2 dozen or more "wild like" pen raised birds living on the...