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  1. quail hound

    Quail Forever/ quailhound hat

    Hey guys. QF picked up one of my drawings to use on a hat. Just thought I'd share incase anyone was wanting a new cap.:cheers:
  2. quail hound

    Pheasant season has been good

    Good bird numbers by recent standards. My brother and I and our dogs have been moving 10-15 birds every time out.
  3. quail hound

    Pheasant opener

    An extended weekend opener for my brother and I and our pack of wild mutts. We hunted 3 days and took a total of 7 roosters despite extremely tough conditions (will it ever rain?). My up and comer Roy had some good moments and a few not so good, all in all it was a good opener with plenty of birds.
  4. quail hound

    Kicking off the season

    In style. Hunting sage grouse (out of state) over Roy and I took a double off a solid point, his first wild birds.
  5. quail hound

    Taking training to the next level

    So on top of developing Roy for his first season I've also commited to getting Lady steady to wing and shot this off season. I'm letting a good friend of mine borrow her to run on his guide string at an Orvis endorsed lodge in Montana this fall so I thought her manners should match her bird...
  6. quail hound

    Quail slam

    Well, I attempted to complete the quail slam this year. I was successful in 5 of the 6, valley and mountain in California, bobwhites in Kansas, and Mearn's and Gambel's in Arizona. Lady and I just couldn't put it all together on the scaled quail but my dad was able to harvest all three desert...
  7. quail hound

    New gun

    Took a risk and bought a used grade IV Ugartechea 20ga of GunBroker. I got to go look at it today and was pleasantly surprised. It still had grease from the factory on it and besides having the stock cut for a pad I can't say it's ever left it's box.
  8. quail hound

    My new dog

    I had planned on starting a new springer in the new year but I had an opportunity to pick up a litter mate to my Lady dog and decided to take a chance. He's almost two and needs a ton of work but hopefully Lady and I can make something of him. Meet Roy, my new setter dog.
  9. quail hound

    Run free Bird Dog

    JP and I have made incredible memories together. We've climbed mountains and crossed deserts. We've watched a thousand sunrises waiting with anticipation and looked back on the day while enjoying the sunset. Together JP and I have chased our passion across this country, we've filled our bag and...
  10. quail hound

    Another season with the hounds

    Started the season off with a great mountain quail and grouse camp with some new friends and their dogs. Hot and dry conditions but Lady put it on like normal and had the only points of the weekend including lots of quail and her and I's first blue grouse, a very delicious young bird. We're...
  11. quail hound

    Blue (sooty) grouse

    I believe I've finally figured out how to find these elusive mountain birds. We saw about 20 plus a bonus covey of mountain quail in a couple hour run yesterday at 8,500'. I'm getting really excited to get this season started.
  12. quail hound

    Happy birthday SDJIM!

    Happy birthday buddy. You're tops my friend, your passion for wildlife is awesome and your willingness to share your hard work is amazing! This picture is still one of the best memories I have from hunting and it's what this passion is all about. The joy this young man had harvesting his first...
  13. quail hound

    My Lady Luck

    As you all know now my Springer JP has the dreaded "c" and as he lays here in my lap I think of how great he's been and how lucky I am to have him. I'm also inclined to think that it was more than just a stroke of luck that about a year ago Prairie Drifter sent me an email with a phone number...
  14. quail hound

    JP has cancer

    JP has two mid grade sarcoma tumors in one of his front shoulders. The vet seems to think they will need to amputate to get them but we're going to see a surgery specialist on the 17th to see what they say. Good news is the Doc says these aren't prone to spread and if they can get them out JP...
  15. quail hound

    Project Upland Podcast

    Hey guys. If you're looking for some good upland content to get you through the long off season I'd highly suggest listening to the Project Upland Podcast, it has quickly become one of my must listens each week. Host Nick Larson interviewed me for this week's episode and we talked about my...
  16. quail hound

    Surprising point

    Wild bird training season is here for a short time. Lady pointed one covey, a few singles, and this big old tom bobcat today.:cheers:
  17. quail hound

    CSMC Revelation

    Anyone see CSMC's new offering? A Round body 20ga O/U with a base price the same as a Citori. This sure seems like a lot of gun for the coin.
  18. quail hound

    Look out Kansas...

    The hounds are a comin'! Kansas has never seen mutts like these before I guarantee, an arthritic springer, a green setter, and their bird crazy handler/ truck driver man.:p
  19. quail hound

    A season with the hounds

    I'm going to share a photo journal of my season and travels here. A lot of these pics will be cross posted on other threads as well with maybe more commentary on those threads. With a green pup and an older dog with a touch of arthritis my expectations of this season are tempered, it's all about...
  20. quail hound

    My Minnesota trip

    So do to the bad reports and drought in SD and MT and the drumming counts from MN I decided to try my hand at grouse hunting. Unfortunately it looks like the drumming counts were misleading but here I am anyways making the best of my 2,000mi (one way) trip. We were skunked the first day, only...