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  1. Munster927

    Unhappy with my home state (MN) hunters.

    Agree with you. It's just a numbers game. If 5% of all hunters are inconsiderate assholes and 40% of people hunting non resident in SD are from MN, inherently there's more MN inconsiderate assholes there haha
  2. Munster927

    A thought on shooting technique

    Snap shooting I think is more of a problem than delaying your shot. I grew up Ruffed Grouse hunting (and still do) and it really breeds a bad habit in the pheasant fields. Ruffies you really do have to shoot fast as they are in such thick cover. But out in the pheasant fields, compared to the...
  3. Munster927

    Unhappy with my home state (MN) hunters.

    As a proud weekend warrior from the twin cities area, I can't speak for the lack of perceived hunter ethics from people that live here. A couple of my worst experiences with other hunters have come from locals in the area I was hunting. Once in Kansas turkey hunting and in western MN pheasant...
  4. Munster927

    What else do you hunt?

    Pretty much needs feathers for me to care. Turkey in the spring and anything upland in the fall. I deer hunt every year but if someone told me I had to stop I wouldn't cry about it like I would bird hunting. Ducks on occasion with some buddies when they field hunt. I don't have interest in...
  5. Munster927

    Question for Breeders

    No worries Zeb haha I originally thought about getting a Brittany back when I got my first SM about 11 years ago but gravitated to a SM for whatever reason. And I'm in the cities, south of St Paul a bit.
  6. Munster927

    Question for Breeders

    Well hopefully I can sort of provide that with these pups. I work from home so I'll be around them most of the day. And while they won't be running around the house (who needs that madness) they'll be whelped and raised in my finished basement and have free range of my yard when they're old...
  7. Munster927

    Question for Breeders

    Thanks for the info guys. And Zeb, yeah both dogs are certified through OFA on hips. Definitely won't be a backyard breeding situation, the Small Munsterlander Club has some fairly rigorous steps to go through before they approve a dog for breeding. Both my female and the male I'm pairing her...
  8. Munster927

    Question for Breeders

    For those of you that have had litters in the past, where do you usually advertise them? I'm planning on my dog having a litter this spring/summer and was just curious how everyone goes about advertising it so you get enough exposure to not end up with leftover pups. Thanks!
  9. Munster927

    Prairie Storm in stock-cheap

    If you order them direct from Federal, it's usually free shipping over $100 or $150 or something. That's what I've done the last few years. I'll place an order direct from them and get free shipping then I'm good for awhile.
  10. Munster927

    Oak ridge kennel

    I sent my Small Munsterlander there for their Bird and Gun intro and thought it was a worthy investment for the price. I didn't do any additional training with them as I did everything else in my own. I mostly sent mine there because it was in the winter and getting birds for training was...
  11. Munster927

    2022 Season

    Settle down girls you're both pretty
  12. Munster927

    What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

    A new pair of boots every 2 years to me means those boots aren't worth the time or effort. I've been wearing the same pair of boots for 6 or 7 years now. Footwear is an often overlooked gear item. Steve Rinella once said on his podcast that if he could hunt with a $100 pair of boots and a $500...
  13. Munster927


    Animals definitely evolve to survive. And I'd bet it can be done in a relatively small area too. As an example, at my land in northern MN we used to see lots of ruffed grouse years ago that, when flushed, would fly up into trees. Those birds normally got shot. Now whenever I flush a grouse, they...
  14. Munster927

    Southern Iowa quail and Pheasants.

    Nice, I might have to give Iowa a try sometime. It's one state I've never hunted before. Generally speaking, what part of Iowa have you had success finding quail and pheasants? Not looking for any honey hole places by any means, just a general idea or jumping off point to start some research...
  15. Munster927

    Southern Iowa quail and Pheasants.

    I never knew Iowa was so loaded with quail. Was that public land?
  16. Munster927

    When and where?????

    Well when you're 11 years old those sorts of things don't matter 😂 it was my first hunt walking with my dad, and first time hunting with my first shotgun. He pointed it out and said to shoot it. If I was in that position with an 11 year old, I would have them do the same thing. 20+ years later...
  17. Munster927

    When and where?????

    I can also remember with pinpoint accuracy where I shot my first bird. A Ruffed grouse on a logging road by my cabin in northern MN. Standing on a stump. The stump is still there today and I walk by it frequently while chasing grouse.
  18. Munster927

    Browning Citori 16 Gauge Upland Special Grade 6

    I would honestly keep it. Like Wind River said, that things a piece of art. If you really want to get rid of it, I'm sure you'll be able to and get a good amount of change for it but they don't really make those Brownings like that much anymore. My dad has a Browning Upland Special as well from...
  19. Munster927

    Browning Citori 16 Gauge Upland Special Grade 6

    I have no idea what it's worth but man I'd love to own that gun. I'm sure it's out of my price range for what I could afford tho. As others have said, probably 3 grand easy judging by some others on GunBroker.
  20. Munster927

    Mini report and a few observations/questions on cattails and roosting sites

    Funny you mention birds in trees. Last time I was out, I walked through some really good looking cover, cattails and trees, almost river bottom esque. Low and behold right after I finished walking through this spot, I hear wings and see a rooster escape out of a hardwood tree that I literally...