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    Looks like the bean harvest is starting in South Dakota this past weekend. rain and cool temps will halt it for a few days here now. But with that said it's a good 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
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    Late Season

    Going to be good with this cold snap to get them sloughs frozen. We were in Pierre nad Chamberlain this past wknd and saw impressive numbers on public and private ground. With all the snow sloughs were cr@p for walking on. Lots of birds holding in the cattails and made walking very difficult...
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    Guide ?

    Hunted last week public ground south of Brookings. Wow! The WPA's there have some amazing habitat and the size of these are big. 2 of us shot 2 in 3 hours of hunting. Flushed about 12 hens on the 3 places we hunted. I then met some buddies up near Doland and hunted with a guide. My buddy...