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    Dog friendly motel in colby

    Can anyone recommend a dog friendly motel in colby? I prefer mine in the room??? Any suggestions??
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    Nw or sw

    Considering a early January pheasant hunt. Looking at new country, not sure whether to go nw or sw corners??? Havent been to Kansas in 6 years. Would like to get the dogs out for another 5 hunt I crazy for considering such a venture? I am a retired wildlife biologist from a midwest...
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    Destination Kansas

    Received approval from supervisor at work and at the house to take a trip to Kansas for a 5 day hunt, traveling Dec 27 and start hunting for 5 days. Guess the Princess knew I'd be pouting if I was dragged to in-laws for that many days without dogs/guns...So she cut me loose... If my selection...
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    Motel Near Sisseton

    Can someone recommend a motel near Sisseton? Anyone have first hand knowledge of the Holiday Motel or Super 8??? Would like to bring the dogs in if its below 15 outside...Looking to hunt between November 11 - 14.. Thanks Richard
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    Clark -- Watertown Assistance

    Can someone with local knowledge inform me when the wetlands/potholes will be free of ice just south of Clark?? It is extremely important to me. Thanks in may pm me... Richard
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    NE Montana

    Considering a pheasant hunting trip to NE montana in mid-late October...Hunted that area almost 10 years ago..Had a wonderful time, the two of us + 6 dogs (5 setters & 1 Epointer)...Read the access guide and talked to one of the biologists up there and sounded slightly optimistic...Just...