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    Pete the wonder dog

    Its with very heavy heart that I am going to give Pete to someone who is an avid hunter. Although he is 9 1/2, he acts like he''s 2. He has many days of pheasant hunting under him. I usually pheasant hunt 40 days per year. Most of those days are in South Dakota. I am sure he has at least two...
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    Snow Snow Snow

    Need some eyes out there. Planning to hunt last four days of season. Was going to Ipswich area, but I am flexible to go where the snow depth is manageable. Ipswich farmer says stay home, but I have hunted in deep snow before. Anybody out there that can give me some insight.
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    left eye dominant issues

    I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed. Recently, I heard of an Eyemaster Sight. It mounts on the end of the of the barrel on the left side. It supposedly will allow me to keep both eyes open and sight with my left dominant eye. Anyone out there using one or know someone using one?
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    Dominant eye issues

    I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed. For years I closed my left eye to shoot my shotgun. I recently have heard of the Eyemaster sight, which mounts on the end of the barrel. It sits on the left side of of the barrel and it will allow me to keep both eyes open and use my dominant left...
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    Why not Minot?

    Need a little feedback out there. I have an opportunity to pheasant hunt in the Minot area. I am an experienced hunter but never have hunted in that area. The farmer has lots of quarters of land, so I am sure there are places to hunt, just wondering if there are enough pheasants in that general...
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    Gettysburg hunt

    I have made two trips to Redfield area this year. Headed to Gettysburg this time on November 19. I have private land lined up, but I never have hunted that area before. Anybody out there who has an opinion about bird numbers in that area?
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    leasing farms

    Need some help out there. I have three 1,000+ acre farms I hunt on in the Clark, SD area for over 25 years. Other than very nice Christmas gifts I have never paid nor have the farmers ever brought it up. With these contacts being so precious I am thinking about giving each farm cash each year...
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    Bank hunting lodge

    Last fall someone out there was looking for a town that had an old bank that was turned in to a hunting lodge. I just received a flier in the mail with just such a place. It is in Leola, SD and called Old Bank Hunting Lodge. Jerome Mack is one contact with phone 605 439 5333. Hope this helps.
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    Bred hens

    Anyone out there have any experience in releasing bred hens in the spring? My farmer friend brought it up on my latest trip to his farm. Apparently, he did this back in 1996 and 1997 when there were back to back bad winters and the birds got wiped out, much like what has happened this past year...
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    Found it!

    After much searching, I found a receiver for my A500 Browning. Since the gun was discontinued years ago, nobody was carrying the parts. I searched the entire nation and found one in my back yard. Its 3 1/2 hours from home, but on my route to South Dakota. Therefore, I had NO choice but to head...
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    gun part

    Looking for a parts dealer where I can get a replacement receiver for A500G Browning semi auto 12 gauge. Mine cracked after many years of use and I want to continue to shoot it. If anyone out there has any info it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Snow conditions

    After the recent snowstorm in Minnesota this past weekend, wondering about snow conditions for Watertown to Redfield. Weather map is all over the place from 10" to 2".
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    Where to go?

    I am an avid pheasant hunter, but havn't hunted Minnesota for years. I take many trips a season to SD, so I am out of the loop in regards to Minnesota. I want to make a day trip. Since I live in the Duluth area, I will have a ways to go to get to pheasant country. Willmar is 3 1/2 hours away, so...
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    Cross dominance shooting

    I am cross dominant (right shouldered shooter; left eye dominant) I have always had to close my left eye to hit anything. Anyone out there who has the same problem and what methods did you use to help overcome this? I've heard and tried the tape on the left side of my shooting glasses, but I...
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    Safety glasses

    A pheasant hunter from my hometown in Minnesota lost an eye this week hunting in South Dakota. Safety glasses are pretty cheap insurance. I myself would have lost an eye several years ago due to a slob hunter who shot towards me from the road as I was hunting private land. Put them on!
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    RR tracks

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my rr track question. Based on all the input I will not be hunting them. The chance of trouble is remote, but so is the chance of not wearing my seat belt. I will not chance either one.
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    railroad tracks

    Anybody out there have any experience with hunting on DM&E railroad tracks in SD? I know they will not give permission, but will they kick you off? What about the farmers whose land is next to them?