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    What would you do?

    I have a unique situation with a farmer friend that has six farms totaling 2000 acres. He gives me sole access and lets me have others hunt as long I am with them. ( worries about liability) Very limited pheasant hunting but good waterfowl at times. I reserve the pheasant hunting exclusively for...
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    Food processing

    Had discussion after a hunt the other day. Buddy had shot a bird 2 hrs before dark that was full of corn in its crop. His opinion was it would take the bird a day or two to process the food before returning to eat. 2nd opinion was that the bird had been eating all day was would process the corn...
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    Beretta Gortex hunting coat-Ladies

    I have a Berreta Gortex bird coat size large - ladies - I think since it zips from the left. Has Pheasant Forever emblem over left pocket Chest pockets on each side and lower pockets with shell loops and snap closures and chest zippered pockets on inside plus rear game bag with Velcro and zipper...
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    Opening day(s)

    Pheasant and waterfowl opens in the morning on the Fort Hall reservation Biologist says there are good # of wild birds plus they release pen raised so should be a good workout for the pup then chase sharpies for a-couple of days before heading up to North Idaho for pheasants and quail on a 4...
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    Indian reservations

    Has anyone hunted Standing Rock or Cheyenne River reservations? Wondering about available ground, ease of hunting, licensing etc Most discussion on the site seems to be East of the river
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    Seeing a few broods. Surprised how big they are - roosters are showing some color With grain harvest starting will be getting some reports from farmer buddies
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    Vet visit

    News from the Vet today was what I already knew in my heart. 12+ black lab has weeks not months left in his life. Tough to hear even tho I knew the prognosis. Will keep him comfortable with meds and a BigMac daily until it is time for his final trip in the truck
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    Hunting motivation

    Wondering what your motivation for bird hunting is. I have an occasional hunting partner that wants a limit every day and doesn’t care how he gets them - if he can shoot them from the road without his dog he is OK with it I am OK spending most of the day following the dogs even if I don’t limit...
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    New Member from Idaho

    Been viewing the site for awhile now- some interesting discussions Have chased roosters since I was old enough to tag along in the late 50’s when Idaho had a healthy population of roosters Now 70 and retired, enjoy traveling to hunt birds. Been to Oregon,Washington, Montana, North and South...