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    Any news around kirksville and west? Have some relatives that live up that way and say it’s not worth a hoot? Curious if anyone else has had any different opinions?
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    Here’s to a great season!

    Cheers boys!! Time to have a feel good thread, to all those broken and bruised , men and pups, gone but not forgotten! To all those ready to kick some ass again this year, roll on big 18!
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    A similar question to one asked in the SD threads: What are are your experiences trying to get on tribal land?
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    Whistling Quail Question

    I enjoy listening to all the quail around my house in the evenings and early mornings, I also enjoy chasing them around in the fall and winter with my pointer, question is how do I ensure these birds stick around and any tips on predator control around the house. I know this is a VERY broad...
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    First time with shock collar

    How do you all do it. Ive had hard headed pups to gun shy pups, headed to South Dakota in one day and might have the best pointer I have ever hunted behind but needs reminded from time to time I don’t like it when she chases rabbits and deer. Just curious on everyone’s opinion
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    Two guys and my pointer

    Can anyone help out a kansan looking for lodging around the Winner area, does not have to be specifically in Winner. It does not have to be the Marriott, in all honesty I can't afford the Marriott. Have a wonderful day. Lointer Man
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    The smell of fall

    Sometimes we get caught up in the hatch production and if we had enough rain or what not, tonight I sat outside and felt a nice cooler air blow through our property down here in far SEK, I was happy and so were my pups.. another season is approaching
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    First trip/Advice

    Let me preface this by saying I know this is a Kansas forum, however I want my native Kansans perspective.. I get to cross off something on my bucket list this year and am headed to SD for my very first upland hunt, have no idea or where abouts I should start looking for public land to hunt, any...
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    Headed out towards the Beloit area for the last hooray next weekend, any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Inside or outside

    I’ve had em both, pups that sleep outside in the winter and pups young and old sleep right beside you inside... what’s your preference?
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    Advice for choke being stuck

    Thanks in advance! My IC choke tube is stuck in my benelli and I’m havin a hard time changing it out.. I’ve heard of burning your barell to use some more elbow grease.. appreciate the advice!
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    Best hunting pup for pheasants

    Long time lurker, first time poster... I have owned and hunted behind some good dogs, what’s your favorite breed when it comes to hunting roosters?