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    Cutting costs this year?

    What will you be doing (if anything) to cut costs for the upcoming season? With gas prices and everything else skyrocketing will it limit you this year? I think on my longer trips this year I might camp vs getting a motel...but we will see. I've got a tent with a stove that sets up pretty...
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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    Curious as to what you're all finding? I personally do not need any...but I have started to see various boxes here and there of all makes in the stores. Prices are high...but they are available depending on what you're shooting. $30 bucks a box for prairie storm and the extended range...
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    How long do you wait between hunts?

    We have 6-8 farms that we can hunt here in Iowa, more than we can hunt in one weekend for we try and alternate between them. Some times it can be 3+ weeks before we will visit it again. Is this too soon? We have noticed in the past that there may be one week we will not see a bird...
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    Shells in stock

    I have all that I need for the next year or two, but figured I would pass along for anyone that is struggling to find ammo right now. has various ammo in stock. 12 gauge Federals/Winchester in 4-6 shot as well as some various 20/28/.410. Not too bad of prices...