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  1. bang bang bang....F&$K!

    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    Stop right here if you went to a paid gun lodge. Birds are down, way down. Don’t waste your time on public land, yes there are birds, a few. All your normal ditches are cut, short enough to putt a golf ball on, they were hayed for the drought, as they should have been as SD is an agriculture...
  2. bang bang bang....F&$K!

    Late season hunt

    Who is going to hunt in December or January? Where you going to hunt, stay? Public or private? I plan on going next weekend and hopefully at least once more after that.
  3. bang bang bang....F&$K!

    Share your Funniest SD hunting story.

    I love a story, ask anyone in my hunting party, and they will confirm I'm then story king. Share your funniest South Dakota hunting story. :D
  4. bang bang bang....F&$K!

    New guy from Minnesota

    Just joined the site today, was referred by a hunting buddy. I live East of Minneapolis and I love pheasant hunting!