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    Nebraska Opener

    This hand laid story just might top the video’s on the Sd site😊
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    Walk in Areas

    What I think is it’s time too stop whining and be thankful that you have any of these places to go and hunt on you could be living in Russia with nothing
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    Cold weather pheasant/shooting gloves

    I buy the black goat skin thinsulate gloves from menards when it it gets too cold I throw a pair of hand warmers in these gloves are great for handling a gun give them a try
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    Dog teeth cleaning?

    No bones about it deer or elk antlers really do the trick
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    Shot show 2022

    Yes beautiful gun I have the twelve guage a5 ultimate but I don’t cull I just add
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    Shot show 2022

    If anybody is having interest in the a5 sweet sixteen browning has several new versions out for 2022 if interested go on the browning North America website and take a look at what they have to offer
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    New A5 Sweet Sixteen reviews

    And some wicked wings camo models
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    New A5 Sweet Sixteen reviews

    If you go to browning’s sight they have two new style sweet sixteen models for the 2022 shot show they have an ultimate similar to the twelve gauge version with engraving and oil finished turkish walnut wood the other plain silver receiver
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    New Gloves!!!

    I like the thinsulate lined dress gloves from menards there made out of sheep skin so they are really supple but the longevity isn’t there but I usually look for them at the end of winter and most the time they are marked down to about 6$ at one time I had a good pair of kangaroo leather lined...
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    Garmin collar antenna.

    I have three t5 collars not the alpha collars but the oldest one is 8 years worn by a big running wire hair hunting a lot of cattails and willow thicket’s never have had an issue I have a new spare t5 and one other that is run a big male short hair that hunts hard same type of cover as the wire...
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    Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge

    That area will separate the men from the boys and their are some areas like that outside of there around Claremont
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    Tick medicine

    I’ve used frontline plus for many years every month year round no flees or ticks
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    Favorite pant or chaps to hunt cattails in the snow?

    I have a pair of wicks tuffr an hell bibs nylon the trouble with nylon you will be dry on the outside but soaking ass wet on the inside because the nylon doesn’t breath all the body moisture stays in same with the chaps prob the best is hunting pants and spray with silicone boot spray about...
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    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the upland bird hunters and family and those wonderful birddogs
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    Yesteryear prairie way out numbered row crop until the big machinery and the chemicals came into play big row crop wasn’t the vast majority and birds did get in the sloughs but big business has changed the pheasant hunting world forever in all the states every state that had habitat had a wild...
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    When South Dakota was at it high the majority was prairie not much row crop plenty of weed seed and bugs for the chicks now not much available can’t eat topsoil all winter they don’t really need the cattails to winter in they can winter in snow covered big bluestem and other grass mixes it’s...
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    Trying to get my nephew a bird

    If you weren’t such a cheap ass you would take him to a pay hunt where he gets tons of shots 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m joking I know you don’t like the pay to play that’s why I said it
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    Coyote V Dog

    Generally coyotes are nocturnal hunters day time they are bedded down in the slew sleeping most likely you will not have trouble with them you need to break your dog of wanting to chase if he does the only time I would be worried is at night during the mating season they will try to call your...
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    Looking for a new bird dog

    My advice is if their was some birds in the 6-8 mile walk the English cocker would find them what your little buddy needs is not another dog but for his owner to take him to south or North Dakota where their is pheasants for him to chase
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    The Leg Drop

    I shot one yesterday that dropped both legs he flew a hundred and fifty yards over a tree line have no idea how far all total we headed that direction never come across him again my theory on the leg droppers isn’t a hurt leg but a hit to the radiator but not enough to run him out of anti freeze...