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    Bad Weather, Good Trip!

    Great story, thanks for reporting
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    2022 Opening Day

    Thanks for posting. Hope some more guys post. Good looking dog
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    One of the most promising reports in a long time. Thanks
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    Dates available Clark/Spink County self guided hunt $95/night

    Could you send me a phone number
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    Looking great!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the rain, we received about 6 hrs of a good rain
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    Moisture coming….

    Glad to hear about the rain. Watch the weather channel and it looked all along that yu folks have been getting a lot of rain. We could use some here in Michigan
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    Best rural eats

    Thanks for posting all the good places to eat. Always nice to have a list
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    2022 Trail Cam Pictures

    Thanks for the pictures. Haven't seen any young birds yet still time
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    What about reloading your own Bismuth. You can get the shot on line
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    Not many people reporting here anymore :-(

    Are you in a camper. I
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    Not many people reporting here anymore :-(

    Of all the states, South Dakota is the only state with a lot of reports
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    How do I find “Q”

    I'am from Michigan and have hunted Iowa for last four years. I found quail in Iowa by going to the DNR web site and reading their reports posted each fall. We also called DNR personal, their steared us in the right direction. We really were told about some great habitat. I think you'll find that...
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    Iowa Quail

    West of 35 and close to the border
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    Private Land Opportunity

    Would send me a price. Thanks Mike