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    Best chokes for #4 shot in a 16 ga.

    What chokes would be best for #4 shot in a 16ga. O/U? This would be for wild pheasant in SD.
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    #4 shot in a 16ga.

    What is the best choke to use in a 16ga. when shooting 1 &1/8 oz. of #4 lead shot for wild pheasants?
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    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    I saw on Facebook that you can't get through the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation on highways 212, 63,65, or 20 because of Covid-19 checkpoints. It said all out of state vehicles are being turned away and instate vehicles if they think you are from a known hotspot. If you don't have a valid...
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    Conditions in Redfield

    Anyone know what the conditions in Redfield are as far as flooding/standing water in fields?
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    870 Wingmaster

    Anyone use a 12ga. 870 Wingmaster for their pheasant hunting? My main gun is a 12ga. L.H. Benelli Montefeltro and I am thinking about taking my 12ga. L.H. Wingmaster along also this year to S.D.
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    WTT 26" L.H. Light Contour 870 barrel for 28"

    Want to trade a 26" L.H. Light Contour 870 barrel for a 28" L.H. Light Contour 870 barrel. The 26" barrel is like new, less than a box of shells through it.
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    WTT 26" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel for 28" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel

    Want to trade a 26" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel for a 28" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel. 26" barrel is like new, only hunted 1 time and comes with a modified choke tube.
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    12ga. Remington 1100 too heavy?

    Anyone hunt with a Rem. 1100 12ga., 2&3/4" chamber Modified choke barrel? If so, do you feel it is too heavy to hunt wild pheasant with all day?
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    Semi-Auto, O/U, Pump, or SxS?

    Okay guys, what's your preference for hunting pheasants in the plains states, say S.D.,N.D., Kansas, and Nebraska? Semi-Auto, O/U, Pump, or SxS?
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    Winchester Rooster XR shells

    Anyone tried these yet? Thoughts/experiences?
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    Which do you prefer for wild plains phez?

    Which type of shotgun do you prefer for wild plains phez and why : O/U, Semi-Auto, Pump, or SxS?
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    Looking for a started male ESS

    I am retiring in Feb. and want to get a started male ESS to accompany me on my annual pheasant hunting trips to SD. I am on the east coast and can't seem to find anything locally. I might have a chance to get a pup from a friend next year but am not sure I want to go that route.
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    Pheasant hunting in/around Beatrice

    How is the pheasant hunting in/around Beatrice?
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    870 Wingmaster

    How many on here use a 12ga. 870 Wingmaster for there wild pheasant hunting, and what barrel length and choke? I am thinking of taking mine this year to S.D. as a back up gun but might use it a couple of times anyhow.
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    Prefered barrel length on semi-auto

    What barrel length do you prefer on a semi-auto for pheasant hunting, wild birds, in wide open places like South Dakota? Specifically, 26" or 28"?
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    Best choke for #3 & #4 steel

    What would be the best choke for #3 & #4 steel out of a 12ga. Benelli Montefeltro for wild phez? I.C., Lt. Mod., or Mod.? Hunting over a combination of pointers and flushers.
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    Dickinson 12ga. SxS for sale

    12 ga., 26" barrels choked I.C./I.M., color case hardend receiver, double triggers, straight/English grip stock, splinter forend. One small blemish in bluing on right barrel, otherwise in excellent condition. $875 plus shipping to your FFL dealer.
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    Best choke combo in 16ga. O/U

    Guys, in your opinion, based on experience, what would be the best choke combo in a 16ga. O/U for wild pheasants in South Dakota? I.C./Mod., I.C./I.M., or Lt.Mod./I.M.? I will be shooting mainly 5 & 6 shot, 4's if necessary.
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    Steel Shot sizes and chokes

    Those of you that use steel shot on pheasants, what sizes of shot do you use and what chokes for those sizes?
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    Browning A-5 Sweet 16

    How many of you besides Dakota Zeb pheasant hunt with an A-5 sweet 16 and how do you like it?