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  1. gettinbirdie

    Where did all the WIHA go!?

    I was doing as I usually do in the off season when I’m bored. I’ll open up my onX or log into state public lands atlas- looking for anything new or just familiarizing myself with a new honey hole I may have found last season. Well, I just about had a heart attack when I opened up Kansas and saw...
  2. gettinbirdie

    Texas public land opening weekend

    I went out on public land ( rolling plains)this past weekend for our Texas opener. Last week, biologist told me the the counts were 1 bird per mile:cry: and blues were not harvestable this year! Midday Friday, I decided I’m going to run dogs and get the hunting trailer ( cargo/ rv...
  3. gettinbirdie

    Important requirements regarding shock collars

    I know this should be in the dog training section but I just didn’t want anyone who uses one to miss it!
  4. gettinbirdie

    Sharpies and the drought

    All this talk about the drought and the impact it’s having on the pheasant has got me wondering how the sharpies are holding out this year. Last year the sharpie numbers were the best in a long time! I’m amazed at how they live/survive on the prairie! They had a very mild winter as far as...
  5. gettinbirdie

    warm weather!!

    I was going to head up to SD this week...till I looked at the weather. Mid 70's! are you kidding me?! :poop: I guess I'll wait another week🤣- got some weather coming in next week. Fingers crossed it isn't too much snow... I can't imagine these birds are holding very well in 70 degree weather....
  6. gettinbirdie

    Sharpies and Huns

    My brother and I left the Texas heat to run our dogs in ND last Monday. It’s a long ride from the Texas hill country to the north west corner of ND. The dogs were “losing their minds” by the time we got into ND. I decided to take the edge off the dogs and give us a chance to stretch our legs-we...
  7. gettinbirdie


    We are heading to northern ND on Monday for sharps and Huns. We will be hunting for 3 days. I want to try something different this year- we are thinking about camping. Are the city parks with camping a viable option? This all started with us wanting to try sleeping on the prairie. Any advice is...
  8. gettinbirdie

    Anybody hearing quail these days?

    Last year was such a bust, wondering if anyone else is hearing birds?
  9. gettinbirdie

    Anyone planning to chase chickens ?

    I shot one early one morning during late season pheasant. I heard they aren’t that great to eat- I loved it! I’m wondering if it’s more effective to hunt them in September.
  10. gettinbirdie

    crop harvest

    How does the harvest look in SE SD?
  11. gettinbirdie

    quail opener

    Good luck this weekend Folks! It's a little warmer than I would like but it's still better than not going out at all!
  12. gettinbirdie

    Sharpies and Huns

    We are heading to north Dakota in a week! This will be our first time to N.D. , first time chasing sharpies. Lord knows how long my brother and I have talked about doing this! Finally we are going to be able to scratch this one off the bucket list. We are pumped needless to say. We are taking...
  13. gettinbirdie

    To Retrieve or not to retrieve

    So I picked up a GSP pup late last winter. I've been working "Ruby" on obedience, commands and finally on birds. At 9 months old, She is finding, pointing and holding her birds(planted homing pigeons). I think she is ready for me to shoot some birds (controlled) over her. She has a very strong...
  14. gettinbirdie

    Charlie Rose

    I'm trying to get a hold of Charlie Rose as I am trying to register a little female pup I picked from him late last winter. He hasn't responded to any of my messages-does anyone know if he is doing alright?
  15. gettinbirdie

    quail research 2018 annual report(Texas)

    Well , coming off of 2 great seasons to be following a pointing dog, this past season was quite frustrating to say the least. We just didn't have the birds in the rolling plains where I hunt. I went out one time(January) just to run dogs... I left the shotgun in the truck. It felt good to get...
  16. gettinbirdie

    1st time to South Dakota

    I was able to get 4 days off before I got really busy with work. Really wanted to head to SD (instead of kansas- which is a lot closer to me). I went alone with Lilly, 3 yr old gsp . We got to SE SD Saturday afternoon about 3 30 and decided to scout for public land backing up to freshly...
  17. gettinbirdie

    Looking to take a dog for a walk...

    I'm excited to have a little unexpected time off and am wanting to run a dog for a few days. Looking to leave Texas on Saturday o400 and not return till late in the week. I'll be solo with or 2 dogs. Anyone know condition of harvest and water in central Kansas or mitchel/Chamberlain SD area?
  18. gettinbirdie

    In the field with my daughters today

    My daughters are on their Xmas break from school. They have never been quail hunting with a dog and kept expressing an interest yesterday. I asked my wife if she would like a kitchen pass, I'll take the girls hunting with our dog Lilly. I'm not sure who was more excited , me or them! We got the...
  19. gettinbirdie

    Day spent with the dogs

    I've been working alot this season and haven't really had much opportunities in the field to bird hunt. I finally got out with my brother and our gsp`s this week. Last spring, I acquired a property for birdhunting so we made the 4 1/2 hr ride the night before. We got in late so we decided to...
  20. gettinbirdie

    Kansas bound

    I've been working my tail off this year and haven`t had a chance to really run dogs on birds. I`m really wanting to get away. I`m contemplating on heading to Kansas probably second week of January. Am I crazy for wanting to go this late into the season?!! I really want to focus on pheasant but...