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    Full choke lead

    I don't know guys? I think up close, like 10-15 yards? I don't think the patterns differ much. I don't think you'll blow them apart any more with full than IC at that range. I think where the difference is at 30-40. I've been Mod and Full for 30 years. Changed to IC for 2 seasons. I'm killing...
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    Looking good this year!

    I treat it just like out west....hunt grass next to picked corn or beans. You're right though...Nothing but grass for the most part
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    Looking good this year!

    I've hunted Kankakee sand a few times....I usually see a few birds but last year I didn't see anything. Long drive for me to see nothing.
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    Most creative/memorable No Trespassing/Posted signs.

    My favorite was a typical no trespassing sign. it said "No Trespassing" below that it said "Owner" and had a line to write your name. On that line it simply said "Shoots to Kill" Got my attention
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    Looking good this year!

    I hunted a GBA yesterday. That one day hunt was as good as any I've ever had in SD, ND, Iowa, Kansas or Nebraska. We saw at least 50 roosters.
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    Recipes for Roosters

    THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! That looks delicious
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    Recipes for Roosters

    I like to age them. Also like to pound them and fry them. But I prefer to use them in other ways. Also tough to age them when we are 12-20 hours from home staying in a motel
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    Sun setting on another season and a career for Breez

    Sorry for the loss of your hunting partner. Its never easy.
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    Pre/Post Hunt Dog Supplements

    Totally agree about conditioning. My dog hunted as well at age 6 as she did at 1. My guess is she gets lots of exercise at home and fed and watered well when we are hunting.
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    Pre/Post Hunt Dog Supplements

    I feel whatever you gotta do to get them to eat at night, be it canned food mixed in kibble, supplement, whatever it takes...they will need the energy the next day. I also float the kibble so she gets water with her food. I feel as long as she eats well the night before? She will hunt her tail...
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    Keeping your dog healthy during the season

    My Lab is turning 7 this fall. She has always hunted 3-4 days in a row. We've hunted 5-6 days before with one day off in the middle or occasionally hunting a half day. I feel the trick is to make sure she eats well at night. I think she handles it better now than she did when she was younger? I...
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    Emergency Haying 2022

    The birds will be fine. It'll just be tough for out of state hunters who drive a long way only to find most of their map spots mowed and basically unhuntable like last season... But anywhere the cover is there the birds will be there. I don't wanna get into arguing....but I'm getting to the...
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    E collar introduction

    Several years ago I was hunting with 2 guys who had dogs. I did not have one at that time. The one dog would be running along and I'd hear it yelp and jump in the air. I thought something was wrong with it. Realized later his owner was "lighting him up." So the guy decides he is gonna go back...
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    When does the lottery open?

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    Appreciate the feedback. Only reason I would use them is if we get into an area with sand spurs. I HATE those things as much as my dog does.
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    Okay, what do you guys use when they're needed? I bought some at Cablelas in Mitchell last year while killing time. They're some kinda cloth like blaze orange material with velcro at the top. Anybody ever use that style with success...meaning didn't lose them? How about the black rubber style?
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    What do you use to hold your gear in bed of your truck?

    My bed is uncovered. I have kept my hunting clothes, knives, shells, gun cleaning kit etc... anything I don't want to get wet in a rubbermaid tote for 20 years. Everything is there. When I leave for SD or whatever i grab my suitcase, gun, and tote. Works great. Only issue is if it snows my mud...
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    Browning A5 16 Gauge

    I don't know if it's just coincidence....but when I shoot BOSS ducks and pheasants fall out of the sky. In the duck blind I was the first to try them....Now everybody in our group is shooting them. I used them in January for pheasant for the first time and shot a lot of birds. #5's
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    Is South Dakota just hype?

    I will walk in right behind another group if the cover looks good. I've watched people walking a ditch and see 5 roosters come out and cross the road right where a guy with a dog was 5 minutes ago. Couple years ago I volunteered to block for our group. I took my lab with me and sat her next to...
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    Is South Dakota just hype?

    Come on man....I'm gonna put this to rest right now. I hunt or have hunted SD, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. South Dakota is the only place I've ever hunted that when you're out in the fields at sundown, you hear THOUSANDS OF roosters cackling IN EVERY DIRECTION. THOUSANDS. Doesn't matter what...