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    Rainy Day Shotgun Under $500?

    I too have an ultralight and when it rains/snows the camo Franchi gets the nod. I've got a intensity auto loader with a 26" barrel that shoots awesome and is bomb proof in the elements...just not as pretty to look at.
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    New strap vest

    I attended Pheasant Fest this past year and too was in the market. It was nice to be able to see them all side by side and compare. I ended up going with a Hunt Redi vest...and while not cheap either ~$ was far and above the rest IMO. Pyke, Chief, Tenzing... compared them all side by...
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    Hunted Iowa all of my life. Level B "minimum maintenance roads" are best left un traveled after any precip until either they dry out or freeze. If they're frozen and it is supposed to get 35 or above with sun you better make sure you're on them before that top layer thaws out, they turn into an...
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    Best GoPro 8 settings

    Side topic...what are you all using for editing software? I just got a Hero 9 and am looking for something user friendly but also something to make good videos with. Thanks.
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    Where would you go?

    What are your expectations? I could get you on some ground in Iowa and would be able to hunt with you. No limits promised, but all wild birds. Might shoot 10 or might shoot 40 depending on crops. PM me if interested.
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    Where would you go?

    When is your trip?
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    OR (Outdoor Research) Gaiters

    Gaiters are awesome. You can't really go wrong with anything OR. Another option for those looking that are of equal quality are the Kenetrek gaiters. Amazon has them for basically 1/2 off right now, too.
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    What size ruffland kennel?

    50-60 intermediate is more than adequate. I've got the large for my 90# lab and its almost too big but the intermediate was too small. He fit fine in the intermediate when he was 65 lbs but quickly outgrew it. Had to sell for the large.
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    Wanting to trade a hunt

    I'll send you a pm. For others looking don't hesitate to reach out.
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    Wanting to trade a hunt

    How about fishing? I guide walleyes on the Missouri River system in South Dakota.
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    Late Hatch Birds

    I have seen 3 hatches this year around where we hunt. Two weeks ago we saw a brood with chick's the size of a baseball. Should be a good year!
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    Gas Prices

    Was $3.20 here in Omaha a little over a week ago. Saw $4.09 this morning...but Costco is still 3.30 for now.
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    It is starting to feel like fall out there.

    103 today! Ace Ventura in the rhino came to mind.....waaarrrrrmmmmm!
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    Camping for upland hunting

    I've wanted to do this for years but can never justify the extra work for a $60/night motel where we go. Split 2 ways it is just so dang cheap. I did buy a Kodiak Canvas 10x14 tent this year though with a maybe that will push me over the edge. I have been wanting to do a South/North...
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    Semi auto or break action shotgun?

    I have a few different auto's, but the old 16 SxS will be getting some field time this year for sure.
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    Bucket list trips!

    Baranoff runs a top notch operation. We were supposed to get married on their island the year COVID happened..awesome place up there.
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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    I did see some when I was in there. I believe they had 5/6 shot available at the time. I am headed through Mitchell, SD and plan on stopping into Cabela's this Thursday as well. I've offered it up in here before, but if there is something specific that you're wanting and can't find shoot me a PM...
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    Suggestions on a lighter gun

    I've been looking for a 12 Ultra Light for 9 months now and finally picked it up yesterday. Scheels got two in and I had to rush an hour to get there. Looked online a couple hours later and they weren't available. Love the way this thing shoulders.
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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    Scheels in Omaha has a wide selection currently. The red box federals are $28.99/box though...ouch. The have Kent, Browning, Fiocchi, Winchesters and a few others. They do have 16's birddude.