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  1. Uplandhunter67

    The End of Season

    I managed to free myself up for a three day closing season Kansas hunt. My hunting partner and I agreed to stay through Monday to finish out our season. Since it snowed on Thursday we thought there was a chance some snow on the ground but when I got to my home away from home there was less than...
  2. Uplandhunter67

    Hayed Fields

    Took a scouting ride into SW NE on Saturday to check out some of my opening day public ground haunts. I was greatly disappointed as 7 of my favorite spots were hayed or tilled. Standing corn, sourgum, and milo everywhere but little to no cover. Seems that quite a few of the properties were...
  3. Uplandhunter67

    Sunday Pursuit

    Finished out my weekend chasing blues. Sage on Saturday and blues on Sunday. Have to love the opportunities we can find here in Colorado.
  4. Uplandhunter67

    Sage Grouse

    I know I’ve said this before but there is no other bird I would rather hunt than sage grouse. The excitement of turkey sized grouse taking flight in a covey break is just awesome. September 12th was opening weekend of Sage grouse. We arrived at our parking spot along a small creek just at...
  5. Uplandhunter67

    Not ready for prime time

    She won’t be ready for early season but I think she’ll be ready for a few jaunts come January. Presenting my new Lab pup Ruby.
  6. Uplandhunter67

    Passing of an era

    The passing of a bird dog reminds you of your own mortality. It reminds you how short the seasons really are. It reminds you that every day not hunting will be a day lost forever. It also reminds you of the camaraderie between dog and handler. The great retrieves, the wet and cold days...
  7. Uplandhunter67

    American Arms Derby 12ga SxS

    American Arms Derby 12ga SxS This gun is in great shape. Wood was refinished when the decelerator pad was installed. Forcing cones lengthened to 1-1/2”. True hand detachable sidelocks with coil springs. - 26” barrels - 2-2/4” and 3” - Straight stock and splinter forend - 14-1/2” LOP (Front...
  8. Uplandhunter67

    A Great Saturday

    Saturday was opening day of my deer season. I was a bit apprehensive when I was getting ready to head out as it was 45 degrees out and dead calm. As we drove in the previous weeks snow became more apparent as we climbed higher. I mentioned to my hunting partner I hoped it wouldn’t be crunchy...
  9. Uplandhunter67

    On the Prairie

    Hunting prairie birds requires dedication and perseverance. The seas of endless swailie grass and yucca. Miles logged under your boot soles. Hours of nothing. Your mind wanders. Miscellaneous thoughts roll through your mind. Your attention is drawn to the horizon the vast distances the few farm...
  10. Uplandhunter67

    A Needle in a Haystack

    Hunting sage grouse is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. A great sea of sage lies before both man and dog. Sage grouse hunting is a matter of boot leather. You cover miles upon miles of desolate sage looking for a covey of birds and in a heartbeat it’s over. We started just at...
  11. Uplandhunter67

    Opening Day

    Well the 2018-2019 season has begun. For myself and my hunting partner that means grouse. We headed up Saturday morning to our annual spot West if the divide. We were a little apprehensive about getting into the area due to possible rain showers. The road gets a bit sporty when wet. When we...
  12. Uplandhunter67

    For thse who are headed East take caution

    Just drove back on Hwy 36.. Snow was slight but there was a layer of ice below. Roads are slicker than may seem. So if you're headed that way take caution or just go tomorrow... FYI: There was a rooster walking on the highway in Joes...
  13. Uplandhunter67

    So far this season

    Sorry for the length of the post but I have been neglecting my weekly posts and observations. Well it has been an interesting season. The weather has been warm with the birds spaced out. Opening day was fairly good but the bird numbers didn’t seem to be there. We hunted hard in the cold...
  14. Uplandhunter67

    Nebraska Weekend #2

    Well weekend 2 in Nebraska was similar to the experiences we had last weekend. The temps stayed below 60 so it was comfortable for the dogs. First field we hit was very quiet. No roosters cackling, crowing and didn’t flush a bird so we headed to the next spot. Here the dogs put up a covey of...
  15. Uplandhunter67

    An exciting Elk season

    2017 was the year it was my turn to be the guide for my hunting partner. After accumulating 8 points he drew in a prime area. We arrived on Friday and set up camp. We were the only guys on the mountain and as the sun set a bull started to bugle then another and another. In short order there were...
  16. Uplandhunter67

    Last Blue of the Season

    Hit one of my close to home spots on Saturday. Put some miles in before flushing a single male in the oak scrub. He thundered off the ground and began weaving hard through the scrub when the shotgun boomed and he crashed to the ground. My Springer made a great retrieve in the dense scrub...
  17. Uplandhunter67

    KS Prairie Chickens

    This weekend started the prairie chicken season in KS. We always go out for the opener. The weather was great and after walking a couple of field we ran into a covey that held and flushed in a staggered manner. It was a beautiful sight birds flushing, dogs running, shotguns booming. In...
  18. Uplandhunter67

    September 1st approaches

    September 1st is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? For me September 1st will be West to the mountains to chase the elusive blue grouse. It has become a tradition. Work calendar gets penciled in as soon as it comes out. It will be nice to walk the edges of the aspens and evergreens with...
  19. Uplandhunter67

    In Conclusion

    Saturday started out with the wind blowing at 20mph minimum with gusts to 40mph. The temperature was mild and quickly rose to the low forties. At least this fact dried out the roads and made travel less hazardous. Unfortunately didn?t help hold the birds any better. The birds seemed to be up...
  20. Uplandhunter67

    Lady's weekend, mud fest, and kissing deer

    Well this weekend was day 32 and 33 of the 2016-2017 season. It was really pleasant weekend weather wise. 52 degrees on Saturday and 46 on Sunday. We started out on Friday night by kissing a deer outside of Joes with my Ford Escape. He leapt out of the dark on a collision course with us in...