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    12 Gauge Retay Gordion Walnut

    12 Gauge Retay Gordion Walnut 26 inch barrel. Like new $750
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    12 Gauge Kent Ultimate Fast Lead 1 3/8 ounce 1475 fps 2 3/4 Inch

    I have 5 boxes of #6 shot and 3 boxes of #5 shot. $125 for all 8 boxes.
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    Boss 20 GA 3" Mag 1-1/8 5 Shot

    Any of you all shoot any of these yet? Than 1 1/8 sounds more promising than the 7/8 ounce 2 3/4 loads.
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    20 Gauge Fiocchi Golden Pheasant 2 3/4 6 Shot 9 Boxes (Sold)

    I have 9 boxes of 20 Gauge Fiocchi Golden Pheasant 2 3/4 6 Shot. You would have to pick up or possibly meet somewhere. $125 for all 9.
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    It Looks Grim

    I traveled from Rush County down to SW Kansas yesterday and it looks horrible. What little CRP that is left offers no cover. You can't tell the CRP from the round up sprayed fields. All looks the same. I fear Kansas is in big trouble in years to come from the heat, drought, and loss of CRP...
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    Finally getting some good snow. We had a couple of snows earlier this winter but they provided zero moisture to the wheat with the drifting and ineffective terraces. This one is stacking up good and should melt this weekend. Fields they have scalped might even benefit from this one.
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    Major damage out here today. Gusts of 90 mph. Ripped the roof off our high school. Pretty nasty for a while. Those winds were sustained for several hours. No power now. Really sucks.
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    Anyone know where a guy could finds some Kent Bismuth or Hevi Bismuth in Iowa? I will be coming up hunting on the 18th and was hoping to find some along the way for my 12 gauge. I have some for my 20 but really wanted to hunt with my 12.
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    1953 Browning Belgium A5 Sweet 16 26 Inch Vent Rib Barrel

    1953 Browning Belgium Sweet 16 26 Inch Vent Rib Barrel with Poly Choke. Gun is in excellent condition. Beautiful wood with FN Butt Plate. Receiver and bluing in excellent condition. Please send a PM and I can text pictures. $1000 and I can provide shipping or you can pick up south of Hays...
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    Browning Maxus 2

    Well my new Browning Maxus 2 Wicked Wing 12 gauge with a 26 inch barrel came in today. I will pick it up Monday. Can't wait to give it try. Going to take it to Iowa on the 18th.
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    Hunting Pressure

    I am heading to Iowa Nov. 22nd for 3 or 4 days in Kossuth County, Winnebago, Hancock Counties. Curious as to what to expect for pressure on public land compared to Kansas? The pressure in Kansas is unbearable for me and can't wait to get away.
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    Tell Me Why I Need A 28 Inch Barrel

    I was wanting a new 12 Gauge Montefeltro Silver but they only come with a 28 inch barrel. I have always preferred a 26 inch simply because they were an ounce or 2 lighter and just liked a short gun. Felt like I could get on a bird quicker. Maybe I am all wrong. Tell my why I should by a gun...
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    Poly Choke Pattern

    Did some patterning on my 1953 Browning Belgium Sweet 16 with a Poly Choke. With choke set with what I believe is a light modified setting, I got 219 pellets in a 30 inch circle at 30 yds. Kent Ultimate Fast Lead #6 1 ounce load. When I went to what I think is an improved I got 192 and with...
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    1953 Browning Belgium Sweet 16

    Picked me up a 1953 Browning Belgium Sweet 16. She has a26 inch vent rib and a Browning installed Poly Choke. I didn't really want the poly choke but since it was installed by Browning I bought her anyway. This gun is in excellent condition. I called Arts they are going to find me another...
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    Benelli Montefeltro Silver Featherweight and Benelli Ethos

    I got to handle the Ethos yesterday and I really liked it. I am also interested in Monte Silver Featherweight. I really love my 20 Monte but I fear with the lightened up 12 gauge, there may be some recoil. Any feedback?
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    CRP Disappearing Rapidly

    I thought last fall that the CRP coming out and getting plowed and mowed for hay was alarming. But it is going at a faster rate the summer. 3 sections that I hunt 4 miles south of my house disappeared this weekend and another is being fenced off tonite a few miles the other direction. Been...
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    Briley Choke Tube Recommendations

    I am considering a Briley choke tube for my Montefeltro 20 gauge. Thinking either light modified or modified. What do you all think and do you have any experience with this extended ported tubes?
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    Winchester Super X High Brass 20 Gauge

    Anyone shoot these shells? Found a store that has about a case and a half. Little slower than I generally use.
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    Retriev -R- Trainer Handheld Dummy Launchers

    Comes with 3 like new canvas dummy's, 3 boxes of green cartridges, and an extra o ring. $125 shipped paypal email
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    2 Large Ruff Tough Kennels

    I have 2 Ruff Tough Kennels for sale in like new condition. $500 for the pair. Send a PM if interested.