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  1. Fox Walker

    Kansas numbers

    I'd really like to know more about that fourteen and a half year old GWP that helped you connect on a limit of South Dakota roosters! Specifically, how do I get a clone?
  2. Fox Walker

    Couldn't Resist!

    Good luck. I hope it serves you well. I have never used a 28 gauge, but have considered getting one if the right one comes along. I have a very nice L.C. Smith in 20Gauge that I love using for close flushing roosters. Rarely feel like a 12 gauge would have made much difference. I imagine a 28...
  3. Fox Walker

    Ruger Gold Label

    Thanks everyone. I took Benelli-Banger's and BrdHunter's advice and did look into it. It sure didn't get the high praise you might expect for a gun that is going for over four thousand dollars. I was interested because I like shooting the American classics, Foxes, L.C.s, Parkers and one Baker...
  4. Fox Walker

    Dakota trip

    I just got back home from my annual duck and pheasant trip to beautiful South Dakota. The duck numbers weren't what they usually are, but they were still respectable. We hunted ten days, ducks in the morning and pheasants in the afternoons. I would say the pheasant numbers are the best I've seen...
  5. Fox Walker

    Ruger Gold Label

    Does anyone have any experience with the short-lived side by side Ruger made in 2005? It was called the Gold Label. I have a Red Label that I used a lot and thought it was a great all around hunting shotgun. For the last decade I have been using old side by sides for hunting any time I didn't...
  6. Fox Walker

    Question I’ve wondered about

    I know I am in the minority, but I think supplementing wild populations with released birds may have some positive impact on overall bird numbers. Keep in mind, I do agree with the majority of the contributors that released birds offer very "little bang for your buck." Hypothetical examples for...
  7. Fox Walker

    Hows it going

    I just got back home from my annual duck and pheasant trip to beautiful South Dakota. We hunted ten days, and I would say the pheasant numbers are the best I've seen since 2015. I don't like to make it about numbers, but the potential of finding birds in every slough makes all of the walking a...
  8. Fox Walker

    Side by Sides

    I love hunting pheasants with my A.H. Foxes. Usually in a twelve gauge, but my only double on South Dakota roosters was with a 20 gauge. I hope to find a nice 16 gauge some day. Rumor has it that since Fox built the 16gauge on a 20 gauge frame, you can get a 16 gauge that come in at around six...
  9. Fox Walker


    You bring up valid concern. If there have been strains of pheasants that tend to survive better in the current climactic conditions of Montana. They may in fact have a genetic advantage that could be diluted by the release of new strains of birds. I think you are probably right Goosemaster...
  10. Fox Walker


    Right in the middle of beautiful country with birds, a great dog, and bird gun. That is the right way to "get your steps in."
  11. Fox Walker

    Grouse and Hun Opener 2022

    It looks like you know how to start the year off right! I have a couple of old A.H. Foxes that would look good in one of those photos. I'm interested in getting a pointer for the Dakotas. I see you have a GSP. Do you have any advice regarding the strengths or weaknesses of that particular breed?
  12. Fox Walker

    Migration Vacation

    You bring up a point I hadn't given enough consideration. Most of my experience with Chessies is relative to dogs from only two breeders. Can you point me in the direction of someone who breeds Chessies that have great endurance in the uplands?
  13. Fox Walker

    PSA: Clean PF Journal

    I think there are probably some instances where some good that can come from released birds in the great state of South Dakota. I agree that the released birds that don't get shot probably wont survive very long in the wild. But when they are inevitably eaten by a fox, coyote, hawk, owl, etc...
  14. Fox Walker

    So you want to hunt public land in South Dakota?

    This is a nice video and it gets me excited about the upcoming season. I have made an annual trip to SD for about ten years now, but I wish I had seen this back when I first got started. I live in Ohio but intend to retire and relocate to South Dakota in 2023. Are there any specific towns you...
  15. Fox Walker

    Hard mouth

    I have worked with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (notorious for hard mouth) for 25 years. I wouldn't worry about. David is right about your dog still being a puppy. Just don't let her fetch fresh birds for a while. She's going to chew on whatever she can until those adult teeth are in place. Then...
  16. Fox Walker

    The oddest thing you have had your dog point

    I had a Brittany that was a terrific tracker of wounded deer. After hearing about his ability to turn disastrous losses of archery shot deer into successful recoveries for both my son and myself, we started getting calls from friends and friends of friends whenever the situation would arise. One...
  17. Fox Walker

    SD in October - IC ok?

    My profile picture is one where I threw on some orange as we drove back to the lodge after a successful morning duck hunt in the potholes. We stopped at a birdy looking spot. My dog worked a pair of roosters perfectly and I dropped them both with my Benelli Super Black Eagle. Great day; but...
  18. Fox Walker

    Migration Vacation

    Yes, I usually hunt ducks and geese in the mornings and then hunt for pheasants and sharp tails in the afternoons. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, but they are thickly built and wear out after a couple of hours in the uplands. So for us, the split duty works out...
  19. Fox Walker

    Migration Vacation

    I spend two weeks in Northern South Dakota (Eureka) every fall chasing ducks, geese and pheasants with my Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I'm planning to retire this summer and hope to extend my fall bird hunting by spending two weeks in North Dakota first, before heading down to South Dakota to meet...
  20. Fox Walker


    I use a SBE when steel shot is required but love chasing birds with 100+ year old side by sides whenever the conditions allow. Foxes are my favorites, but I have also taken quite a few birds with my Baker and my Elsie (L.C. Smith).