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    Central ND Broods

    so this year was the first time i have seen grouse wihile driving around our land in the summer. we always shoot sharpies in the fall, i just don't usually see them in the summer. mainly cuase i driving through pheasant habbitat and sharpies tend not to be there. so seeing 3 sharpies i...
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    Central ND Broods

    Corn on my land was 6-7 feet tall in most areas, but if you ask my Renter, corn height doesn't mean corn success. too me all the crops look great. they are harvesting wheat, yesterday, on our land. but i think most crops are two weeks behind....also we had a lot of rain in june. not a...
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    Central ND Broods

    Here is a report from Central ND. I drove around our land Saturdayfor about 2 1/2 hours, I saw 2 pheasant broods. One had 15 chicks that were almost full grown roosters were turning color. the other brood was 11 chicks that could fly about 20-50 feet. I also saw a brood of about 16 Huns...
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    ND Info

    One issue with hunting oct 15th is a lot of crop will still be up in ND. For sure Corn will be, and probably Sunflowers and Maybe Beans. We got a real late start to planting in spring and everything was late. just something to think about. Jim
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    Pheasant Opener - Tomorrow

    we put up 12 birds. we shot 5 singles. one we missed and got it up again 1/4 mile away. they we got up 6 at one time. 2 hens and 4 roosters we got 2. we did see 3 on the road. if we didn't have a dog we would of got 0-2. when birds are wet they don't want to fly. and when the crops...
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    Lock and Load for ND!

    i hunt north of ashley. Corn started coming off wednessday. Most crops will be off by oct 25-29th (if it stops raining). i have heard good reports of pheasant numbers. however we weren't in a drought. like most of state.
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    Pheasant Opener - Tomorrow

    We got 7 on saturday of opener. we hunted ND central. there were 5 of us. most crops was up, it was windy and it rained most of the day. Sunday we really didn't hunt too wet.
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    Albino pheasant?

    i have one on my Land this year. First time i have ever seen one. Saw it june 16 with a hen. really neat to see, would love to just let it be, but i am sure it won't be there long. really cool topic d mudd.
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    Decent report...

    I am east of Bismarck. South of 94. I saw a ton of pheasants in the spring (5/1-5/22). we had some bad rains in June 4-6 inches in a few hours, as a result we had a bunch of re-nests. never seen so many roosters with hens 6/16 weekend (while we were putting in food plots). are crops are...
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    Brood Surveys Guesses Says the ND Brood numbers will be out in the next week or so. Any thoughts guesses on the numbers Statewide? SW up 11% SE Up 22% NW Up 31% NE Up 24% State Wide--Up 20% these are my guesses.....I am optimistic the numbers will be up, despite...
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    ND Grouse and Partridge Season Preview
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    Bird report Central/South Cerntral ND

    Here is my report From Central ND. I was there on July 2nd and again July 9th. First of all in my area we are really wet. the cover is as good as I have seen in 5-10 years maybe more. My dad actually said we didn't need rain. He NEVER SAYS that. I saw mallards on almost every watering hole...
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    Grouse and Partridge road side counts

    Here is the link to the North Dakota Outdoors Webcast - Grouse, Partridge, and Fall Turkey Season Previews (08/24/2017) They talk about what we have said on this forum. That Grouse and pheasants are down in there surveys, but one surprise is that Huns were not really impacted. I guess hot...
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    Pheasant Renest

    I always thought that if a hen Lost her WHOLE Brood at anytime she would renest. if the brood was 1,2,3 4, weeks old and the whole Brood was lost, she would Renest. If one chick remained she wouldn't, Only if all were Lost. That being said I was on the SD site, and a few guys said that a...
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    Youth Hunt

    Anyone out last weekend for the youth hunt? Any reports would be appreciated. :) Jim
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    My renter is Starting harvesting the flowers today, with all the rain we have had, Harvest has been delayed a little. But still way ahead of last year. Farm is between Jamestown and Bismarck, hope this helps. Jim
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    My renter told me he plans to start on Sunflowers In 2 or 3 weeks. He said corn will ready early too. He thinks we are 2 maybe 3 weeks ahead of last year harvest. Its been a really good summer for late crops and they are maturing early. He said they might be cutting Corn at the beginning of...
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    Pen raised birds.

    Last year my neighbor raised 800 pheasants and released them. they were easy to spot cause they didn't have tail feathers, and were quite dumb. My question is this summer I saw two birds without tail feathers out in a field. So I guess some Pen raised birds can survive the winter. My...
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    Is anyone harvesting anything yet? We are in Central ND, and we have harvested some Peas and going to start on wheat this week. Has anyone seen any birds while harvesting?
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    Prairie Storm

    6's. 3 inch and 2 3/4 inch. Couple of boxes (10-15) of 12g prairie storm for sale or trade, think I have 2 or 3 boxes of 20 gauge as well. Just don't like the stuff, I don't want to ship, so looking for people in ND MN or WI. PM me if interested. NOT looking for a premium price.