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  1. dustin mudd

    The Good, The Bad and The Down Right Ugly.

    Tom glad you got to go and the learning your pup gained will imprint for ever! Hope you can get up in January!
  2. dustin mudd

    Crop harvest

    I thought birds were decent in the mott area I had access to/. No where near the hey day if 15–17 years ago. Hope you had fun
  3. dustin mudd

    E Collar

    550 plus works perfect for training and knowledge of dog whereabouts. I think you have to carry a phone for emergencies. The onX system keeps you tracking back to your truck, and from keeping you from trespassing, on said phone.
  4. dustin mudd


    Kansan nice “longtail “!!!
  5. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    Back home after a week plus of bird chasing in western ND! Had a great time ! Weather was tough on an old guy . Hands just freeze in those windy conditions below 10 degrees. My lab was just terrific, several retrieves were beyond amazing! The new French Brittany still is gun shy and blinks on...
  6. dustin mudd

    Side by Sides

    Likely paper short 2.5 inch shells?
  7. dustin mudd

    Birds in light grass

    Look at the tail -old bird
  8. dustin mudd

    Question I’ve wondered about

    Weim and chestie are spot on with their comments. A couple unmentioned adds, sloughs were farmed around, as older farm equipment could not overcome bogs. No laser leveling of fields to “ clean “ weedy area. We don’t know the total consequences of pesticides or herbicide use so prevalent...
  9. dustin mudd

    First bird in two years !!!

  10. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    You’d have to be one tough dude to have hunted today in North Dakota. Gusts were expected to hit up to 65 mph! Temps where I’m at topped to a balmy 21! 🥶
  11. dustin mudd

    French Brittany Thoughts?

    I attended EB trails and met breeders in the west over the last five years before I purchased a started female in January of this year. My opinion they need to be a house dog, they need the connection to their family. They can’t tolerate a heavy handed training regimen, but are eager to learn ...
  12. dustin mudd

    Crop harvest

    Snow did not stick ,’just 50’mph bb’s . Likely landed In Minnesota?;(
  13. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    Nice pics PTM
  14. dustin mudd

    Crop harvest

    Currently in mott region. Most corn is going out or Near done.’flowers are getting started. Would guess 25 % complete. Snow possible tomorrow
  15. dustin mudd

    Side by Sides

    Aya special order 4/53 fit to my dimensions, got this year. 16 gauge, articulated trigger,29 inch tubes , parkerized barrels , and hand rubbed oil finish stock. Since it’s. A Field gun.
  16. dustin mudd

    My Buddy

    Tom he was totally focused on finding birds he was truly methodical!
  17. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    Hope I can add some pics to this thread next week!
  18. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    So Greg’s photos with vintage shotguns , each day with a different escort. How many days of taking birds, does he conclude before he starts over the rotation?;)
  19. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    Sime magazine photos in this thread!!!!! Nice to see, thanks for sharing!
  20. dustin mudd

    2022 Season In Pictures

    I am excited to Return! Been coming since the early 2000’s was AMAZING! See Dakota in November