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    Side by Sides

    I have a Stevens 5100 16ga. that I use occasionally.
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    Best chokes for #4 shot in a 16 ga.

    I'm thinking of using Mod & Imp. Mod. Anyone think that's too tight?
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    Looking at Over/Under 16 ga. opinions

    Get a Browning. I have a Citori Grade 1with 28 inch barrels. Great Pheasant gun.
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    Best chokes for #4 shot in a 16 ga.

    What chokes would be best for #4 shot in a 16ga. O/U? This would be for wild pheasant in SD.
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    Your favorite pheasant O/U

    16ga. Browning Citori Lightning Grade 1 with 28 inch barrels. I believe it weighs 6lbs. 12 oz. Carries like a dream.
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    I would be happy if I could be in the low to mid 80's on a regular basis !
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    Not really. I am very inconsistent. Anywhere from 60 something out of 100 to 70 something out of 100. Only got into the 80's once that I can remember.
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    I shoot Sporting Clays 3-4 times a month. Can't really say if it has helped my field shooting. Hasn't hurt it though.
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    Gun Weight

    I have 3 shotguns I use for pheasant hunting that are under 7lbs. A left hand Benelli Montefeltro 12ga. with 26" barrel, a Browning Citori 16ga. with 28" barrels, and a Ithaca model 37 in 16ga. with a 28" barrel. I usually use the Montefeltro and occasionally use the other 2. This year I am...
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    anybody try "HV Dakota country Pheasant" loads from runnings?

    My son bought a couple boxes at the Runnings in Aberdeen SD on our way to our hunt this past season. They seemed to work well for him so I bought a couple boxes on our way home.
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    Aberdeen Lodging

    Holiday Inn Express in Aberdeen is dog friendly and has a great steakhouse in the back.
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    #4 shot in a 16ga.

    I am a poor judge of distance, but I would guess most of my shots are about 30-35 yards. I agree with you on the #6 & #5 shot, but I have a bunch of #4's I want to use up this coming season. Once I use them up I will stick with the #6's & #5's.
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    #4 shot in a 16ga.

    Hunting with flushers and pointers, but mainly flushers. I am 69 so not so quick on the draw.
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    #4 shot in a 16ga.

    What is the best choke to use in a 16ga. when shooting 1 &1/8 oz. of #4 lead shot for wild pheasants?
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    Arrowhead Resort at Cedar Shore. Oacoma, SD

    I have not stayed there, but had dinner there with my son one night while hunting in Chamberlain several years ago. The restaurant was very nice & the food was good.
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    One thing you learned

    I have found that for me, light modified is the best all around choke.
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    Looking for a left hand Pheasant gun

    Yes. I ordered them from their website if I remember correctly.
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    Looking for a left hand Pheasant gun

    Yes, they are all the same size. I had 3 model 37's at one time, a 12ga., 16ga., & 20ga. I had all 3 converted to left hand safeties. I ordered the left hand safeties directly from Ithaca Gun Company. I sold the 12ga. but still have the 16 & 20.
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    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    Where we hunt is in Timberlake, which is in the reservation.
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    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    I saw on Facebook that you can't get through the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation on highways 212, 63,65, or 20 because of Covid-19 checkpoints. It said all out of state vehicles are being turned away and instate vehicles if they think you are from a known hotspot. If you don't have a valid...