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  1. Uplandhunter67


    After a two week hiatus I slipped out Thursday afternoon for a walk. Saw two big coyotes one of which shadowed us for about 3/4’s of a mile. He stayed out of shotgun range and kept pace. He finally turned and trotted off. We bounced another one in a draw farther out in the CRP. The wind...
  2. Uplandhunter67


    NWKS.. Walked 10 miles saw 14 birds total. 3 roosters (one of which fell to the gun) 11 hens. Overall dismal. Walked 6 different pieces of WIHA only three had birds in it. Think it’ll be prairie chickens and clay birds for the rest of season..
  3. Uplandhunter67

    Orange Requirements

    No there is not a requirement. Good suggestion to at least wear an orange hat/cap though. I personally only wear an orange hat on opening day and when deer season runs. Otherwise I’m in pretty subdued colors.
  4. Uplandhunter67

    Colorado Blues

    Good job dag. You kill birds with boot leather before the succumb to shotshells. Long walks through the forest and open parks for hours and then the rapid flush and it’s all over in a heartbeat.
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    Sun Setting on My Hunting Career

    I am 55yo. I have osteoarthritis in both hips one worse than the other. Causes me grief all the time. Supposed to have surgery but really don’t want them cutting on me until I can’t walk anymore. I dull the pain with scotch. I had major surgery in 2016 and was burdened with a colostomy bag...
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    I have pounded chickens and had them still keep going. Shot one a few years ago that dropped both legs and dropped a 1/4 mile away in a winter wheat field. Old males can be tough birds and don’t really get much credit for being that way. My best patterning 1-1/4oz load flies at 1220fps. Early...
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    I use: skeet tubes for blue grouse Skeet/IC for Sage grouse, early chickens, and first couple of weeks of pheasant. IC/IC until last few weeks of season LM/LM for the last few weeks of season I agree with Goose as 90% of my shooting is done with IC
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    New to CO

    Great job. I know that area and it can be a tough hunt. Word of warning though. There are snakes in that area. Killed a couple around there.
  9. Uplandhunter67

    It Looks Grim

    I hunted last weekend for chickens. Only flushed one solitary rooster. We didn’t see any birds on the roads. Guys I know are saying they haven’t seen much either. I’m going to stay optimistic that some of the deep cover I hit will have birds.
  10. Uplandhunter67

    Mixed bag.

    BrownDogs advice is spot on. The only thing I can add is time of day. Most of the time chickens are out feeding before dawn. They return to cover later in the morning. They spend most of the day loafing in the grass until late afternoon when they go out to feed and sometimes don’t return...
  11. Uplandhunter67

    Footage: 2022 Colorado Dove Hunt

    Company would be welcome. This weekend I’ll start chasing chickens in Kansas. Hope they fared better than the pheasants have. Gonna be a rough year.
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    I personally don’t like the barrel in my sight. My concentration is on the bird or clay. My Citori’s are 75/25. The problem I see is that live birds are generally rising not dropping so a pattern that is above the line of sight helps. I can’t shim my A400 any higher. I think that a 10” rise...
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    I use a computer program that analyzes the shot pattern. I like to see a bit of the bird over the barrel rather than cover it up. 1st photo is the initial pattern with a 60mm shim. The second is with a 55mm shim. As you can see my pattern has moved to 1.5” above POI from 3.5” below. Target...
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    I recently bought a Beretta A400. I put the shims in the stock that was suggested for my height and build. Tried it out at the skeet range and had a helluva time hitting clays. Following week went out to the patterning board and found it was shooting where I was pointing but the pattern was...
  15. Uplandhunter67

    Footage: 2022 Colorado Dove Hunt

    Been good so far. Made the 15th annual hill climb on September 1st. Broke a good sized covey of Blues. They held super tight after the initial flush. Sage Grouse this weekend and the start of Prairie Chickens the next. Matt
  16. Uplandhunter67

    Colorado Blues

    Well the opener has come and gone along with the holiday weekend. How was the grouse hunting???
  17. Uplandhunter67

    Footage: 2022 Colorado Dove Hunt

    Good job Kiva! Always had fun gunning dove. Regards, Matt
  18. Uplandhunter67

    Any reports from SW Nebraska??

    Last season was the worst I’ve seen it. Lots of walk in fields were either mowed or grazed. Drove a lot of miles to find good cover only to find very few birds. Been debating on even buying a license this year. I’m headed that direction for a farm auction late this month. I’ll report back...
  19. Uplandhunter67

    Hen! Hen! Rooster!

    I mainly pursue prairie grouse. In certain light conditions it is tough to identify a chicken and a hen pheasant. When I am hunting with my hunting partner we will yell chicken if one flushes and either one of us shows hesitation. I find noise doesn’t bother chickens as it does pheasants...
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    I peruse as a guest pretty often unless there is something I want to respond to or post.