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  1. G-Texan

    Crop harvest
  2. G-Texan

    Successful SD public hunt completed

    Thanks. The TP&W quail report that just came out does not look good. I was hoping my lease in the rolling plains would have good quail numbers with all the rain we had but they are pitiful, maybe next year.
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    2021 Pheasant Hunting Videos

    Another great video! So much for all the naysayers stating there are no birds in your area. I hope my young dog learns to slow down a little like Sage. Jogging to keep up can be a whipping.
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    Successful SD public hunt completed

    I’m headed home from 8 days of hunting public ground in Mitchell, Wolsey, and Gettysburg. I am bringing home 10 roosters. I had limits 2 days before noon. There were 3 days with zero roosters. The dog and I flushed birds everyday but many were experienced birds flushing wild. I stayed five...
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    gearing up for 10 day solo road trip

    For dog injuries EMT and superglue Tshirt - to cut into bandages and or body wrap Velcro muzzle Hemostat Hydrogen peroxide Vet wrap Bag balm for eyes and nose Dog vest Lewis dog boots 6’ of paracord for sliplead or conibear trap release small cable cutters for snare trap...
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    I just finished my first morning hunt on two public land spots. the dog and I flushed 8 hens and 2 roosters a little out of range. To say it was a waste of time is not accurate.
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    Have any preseason rituals?

    My wife refers to that as “hunter-up-your-head-itis”.
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    Limited registration

    We all like to believe in the superior potential of our puppies when purchased. The reality is the vast majority of pups are average. Leave the breeding to the professionals with the intention of improving the breed. Breeding is a lot of work and it doesn’t generate nearly the income imagined...
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    Extended season?

    You can move the dates either up or back. Just did it to confirm.
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    if you had $2500

    Beretta is a great gun for the money. I have two.
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    Dog Crate

    I am looking to buy a good dog crate. I would like something that is sturdy, can be secured into the back of the truck and has a lock on the crate door. The “Gunner” looks like it will work but it is expensive. Does anyone have good alternative?
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    The Roosters are Killing Me!!

    I just returned Sunday from 5 days of hunting around Mitchell and Huron. It was my first trip to SD but hunted for years in NE until the pheasant numbers dropped. I had a very tough time finding birds last week. I shot 3 over 5 days. It was not what I had hoped to find. I was hunting small...
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    A dog that won't drop the bird

    Two options that work. First, pinch her flank, she will react and release the bird. Second, never pull or pry a bird from a dogs mouth, just the opposite, gently shove it into their throat and the dog will release.
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    Leather Prong Collar tighntness

    I agree.
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    Taking old sweet 16 hunting

    Absolutely, assuming you can find ammo.
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    Where's the ammo?

    I prefer #5s.
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    Pudelpointer: Steadiness

    Training to remain steady until sent serves three purposes. First, it is safer for the dog. Second, when multiple birds are flushed or shot the dog has a better chance to mark the downed birds. Third, you may determine the retrieving order of a cripple is a higher priority than one shot dead...
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    Where's the ammo? has Remington nitro 12g, #4 lead, 2 3/4 I just ordered 2 boxes. 4s are not ideal but better than nothing
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    Opinions on January 2021 SD scouting hunt

    The plan is to head up to Aberdeen, SD in January next year to scout and find a few birds. I will scope out the weather to find the best week. Will I be able to get around without getting stuck? I will be traveling alone in dodge diesel 4x4 with a light weight camper, aka heavy. The plan is...