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  1. s.davis

    Lock and Load for the Opener

    1/5 Kansans live there, so there's bound to be a lot JoCo plates in Kansas. I've always thought putting county markings on license plates is for hicks. Never seen it used for anything but for cops to harass people who "aren't from around here".
  2. s.davis

    Where to buy ammo in Eastern Kansas

    Rogers in Liberty, MO or Scheels in Overland Park, KS if you are passing thru KC. There's a Scheels in Wichita, too, I think.
  3. s.davis

    2022 Season

    Hmmm, how would you accurately age a rooster on the wing? Always willing to listen. I’ve shot a lot of pheasants in my life but I’ve never been able to see their primary feathers on the wing well enough to accurately age them without having the bird in hand and spreading out the wing and...
  4. s.davis

    2022 Season

    Felt squirrelish last week and bought a 28 ga for the opener. Cleaned it, oiled it, and, without having fired a shot, made my way to southwest MN. Saw fewer birds than last year (which was also noticeably down from previous years), especially on roads and flying in and out of corn/grass during...
  5. s.davis

    2022 Forecast Is Out

    I've done 3 in one rise in Northeast Kansas 2 or 3 years ago. Shot a true double, one of which was a scotch double. Didn't even try for a 4th. Jacked the 3rd shell out of my gun, sent the dogs for the fetches and walked right back to my car.
  6. s.davis

    Best chokes for #4 shot in a 16 ga.

    Better pattern it. 4s are pretty big for 16 ga., and sometimes the patterns are pretty thin.
  7. s.davis

    Looking at Over/Under 16 ga. opinions

    If you want a new production gun, and can afford the citori, buy the citori. You almost invariably get what you pay for when it comes to double guns.
  8. s.davis

    16 gauge

    What a nice duck gun that would make. One of the few semi-autos I covet.
  9. s.davis

    It Looks Grim

    The Kansas section of the PF report is what KDWP will publish for it's upland forecast, nearly verbatim, plus info for quail and chickens. It is not promising, nor particularly rosy, though, I've always found it to be pretty accurate. Maybe I just read with a more critical eye than many of you...
  10. s.davis

    It Looks Grim

    You have ooser/deer hunting because for 50 years Kansans have moved away farms and small communities, quit hunting, sold land to entities that don't care about Kansans, especially rural Kansans, much less the ecosystem or the future of your communities or wildlife. And also cause you guys won't...
  11. s.davis

    It Looks Grim

    I have pitched this before to the resounding poo-poo-ing of "Can't-sas" residents, but I'll beat the dead horse again: KDWP should greatly expand the iWIHA program. An expanded iWIHA program should not focus on access near urban areas (though, in truth, that is where most Kansas live, which...
  12. s.davis

    Semi auto or break action shotgun?

    I never had any love for semi-autos, and always kind of looked down on them compared to pumps, which seemed more fun, more rugged and more of an tool worthy of some respect. Semi autos always reminded me of electric filet knives, they just seem like an unnecessary and low-value intrusion of...
  13. s.davis

    2022 Road side counts

    Isn't the prohibition in place to keep wildlife from being unnecessarily harassed and to promote production of waterfowl?
  14. s.davis

    2022 Road side counts

    Up 18% (from last year when it was down 22%, and it showed) is less than thrilling.
  15. s.davis

    Reconditioning Filson chaps?

    Warm the wax in a water bath. Paint or rub it on and then put the chaps in 2 pillow cases opening opposite directions (so the chaps don't fall out) or a drawstring bag and run them on high in your dryer for about a half hour.
  16. s.davis

    Habitat experiment NE KS

    By Carbondale?
  17. s.davis

    Dove Tomorrow

    Not quite Kansas, but shot 9 in the afternoon in the Missouri river bottoms in NW MO. I had the same experience with mojos not having much effect on them this year, certainly not compared to years past. I only use spinners for dove and teal anymore, and I wonder if their effectiveness on those 2...
  18. s.davis

    You're all full of it.....

    As a ranter, yellow lab lover, and 870 fan, I enjoyed that rant, the pictures of that fine-looking yellow lab, and the properly worn 870... (also liked the Boykin/Chessie combo)
  19. s.davis

    Upland bird population will never fully rebound.

    I don't think so, but I could be surprised. I don't know how many birds were killed in MN last year, but it's generally nowhere near Kansas, even in down years. The areas I hunt in MN were noticeably down last year, but there are certainly fewer hunters and the limit is 3 not 4. Still, usually...
  20. s.davis

    Upland bird population will never fully rebound.

    Well, it’s been in decline for about a decade, so that tracks.