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  1. bauerline

    Got a visitor

    I picked up 250 day olds about a month ago and left them come out of the brooder house for the first time. They got a visit from one of the several holdovers that are in the area.
  2. bauerline

    Found birds

    Found some birds after work with Scout and Champ. Also found a den of some type. We flushed 11 birds. The last release was prior to Christmas.
  3. bauerline

    2020 early season

    I don’t get to post as much as I used to but here of some pictures from the early season. I have not taken any time off from work but I’m off next week and home to put in 3 or 4 good days of hunting with Scout and Champ before we take a two week break.
  4. bauerline

    Spring run on birds

    My boys are getting older and busier which means a little less time running the dogs with the camera. I do still get out but just not enough time to take pictures and post them. Things have slowed down a little and I was able to get out today. We were able to find one rooster and one hen left...
  5. bauerline

    Connor’s 1st deer

    Connor’s first deer by Brian Bauerline, on Flickr Hopefully these pictures work. Connor got his first deer today. It was a seven point that he shot at about 7:15 AM
  6. bauerline

    Blitz is gone

    I could tell that Blitz's pain was getting worse and we decided to end his pain today. I stopped by the flight pen to let him get a good whiff of what he lived for. When I got him out of the truck he had a little extra spring in his step. He enjoyed this. Thanks for the memories Blitz! He...
  7. bauerline

    PF Vet Hunt

    On November 18th our PF chapter held our annual vet hunt. We were lucky enough to finish the hunt before the rain arrived. Link for pictures:
  8. bauerline

    2017-18 Season

    Took Wednesday off from work and headed to the gamelands. It was a great day and I only saw one other hunter in the field. We put up about 10 pheasants and I was only able to bring one home. But I did manage to bag two woodcock in the morning. The first one came right after I missed a...
  9. bauerline

    October 14th

    Anybody going out on Saturday? I plan to put some quail out since the season is open this year. Just not enough time to drive to grouse cover. Good luck if you get out.
  10. bauerline

    October 7th

    Next Saturday our local club will be hosting our annual "cast and blast" for kids. What could be better than a hot breakfast followed by hunting and fishing? Then we will have lunch of course. The dogs should be ready since they've been running on some liberated hen pheasants. Untitled by...
  11. bauerline

    New vizlsa pup!

    Just got word that I will be getting a male pup from a recent breeding. The pups were born last week and he should be ready to come home around the 2nd week of October. His name will be Scout. Link to litter info
  12. bauerline

    Some dog work

    I had the dogs out after some rain today and they found a couple of liberated quail. I'm trying a new photo hosting site so I wanted to try and post these pictures. I still need to work on posting the picture.
  13. bauerline

    Pheasant Permit

    Who got their pheasant permit yet? I got mine last week and the guy at the counter said they they sold a few permits so far. I'm curious to see how busy the fields are this fall.
  14. bauerline


    Today was the day I never wanted to come but I knew it would. I had to put Nittany down today and it is the first time I ever had to do that with a dog. It was a hard choice but the right one. He will be missed! He changed my life forever. Without him I would never have gotten involved...
  15. bauerline

    Susquehanna Valley PF Shoot

  16. bauerline

    End of pheasant co-op

    Just got a letter today from the PGC stating that they will no longer offer pheasant chicks to clubs for raising and releasing. I'm not sure what our particular club will do at this time.
  17. bauerline

    2016-17 Pheasant Season

    How was opening day for everybody? Figured I'd get a post started for this year. Good luck!
  18. bauerline

    PA Pheasant Program

    Something to keep an eye on.
  19. bauerline

    Family Outing

    On Saturday the entire family went out to the local preserve to get the dogs on some birds. I had some quail put out and just let the dogs go. My two boys walked along and my wife was behind the camera. The dogs did well but got warm after about 2 hours of hunting. Enjoy the pictures...
  20. bauerline

    Getting Ready

    I was able to get the dogs out on some birds the past few days. Enjoy the pictures. Just over a month until the youth season starts and I can't forget about out of state grouse.