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  1. BrownDogsCan2

    Mixed bag.

    A short dove hunt for the Boykin and then walked one field before it got to hot. I bought a duck stamp last night for the first time in forever just in case. . We jumped some teal watering the dogs so I dropped the bag and loaded up with steel shot and continued walking figuring we might catch...
  2. BrownDogsCan2

    Honoring point with a flusher.

    Tips for training a flushing dog manners when working with a close working pointer when you don’t have a pointer to train with. In the past I’ve rarely hunted with pointing dogs so it has never been much of a problem. On the rare outing we did when another dog went on point I would just call...
  3. BrownDogsCan2

    It is starting to feel like fall out there.

    Been gone a few days and came back to some really nice weather. A pair of 97s later in the week and then is supposed to cool down again. It won’t be too much longer.
  4. BrownDogsCan2

    Did a bad thing

    Tired of worrying about it. With what I still have in the closet I should be good for three or four years on six’s and five or so on the others. I think I did all right? except for maybe the steel.
  5. BrownDogsCan2

    This weather is for the birds.

    I’ve always wanted to hunt the grass lands for scaled quail. The plan was to hunt my in-laws Saturday morning and then over to the grasslands for the afternoon and again Sunday. Back on their place on Monday. Saturday morning went as scheduled. A couple of birds in the bag and a few missed...
  6. BrownDogsCan2

    Scaled Quail

    Up or down this year. I’ll be in Trinidad over the holidays and could maybe spend a day hunting quail, curious how this years numbers are and maybe a starting point to look.
  7. BrownDogsCan2


    Any recommendations on a particular one. I ram my 10 month old this morning through some heavy crp, no sooner had we gotten into it and she busted a covey. I think it lit the fire, she ran like a Boykin on crack. She ended up finding 2 more coveys , a pair and a single. Out hunted my chessie...
  8. BrownDogsCan2

    Upland forecast booklet

    The paper version? Is that new? It is a new one to me. Doesn’t say much if that’s our new way of forecasting. I like reading the county by county counts, wonder when it will be out
  9. BrownDogsCan2

    Ultimate guide to pheasant hunting gear

    What is some of your favorite stuff with pictures if you have them. Your truck,rigging, favorite tires, toppers, dog boxes, dog training ,dog vests guns, shells, accessories, apparel , bird cleaning , knives, pen knives, camping, cooking , coolers and on and on. After 30 years of hunting I...
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    I’m looking to replace a garmin 550 pro. 180 dollar antenna repair 280 for a new transmitter or 400 for a new unit. Never really thought it was consistent even before I broke the antenna and I have also had a couple of times where I lost pairing. And in the only way I could get it to re pair...
  11. BrownDogsCan2

    Let’s see em.

    Miss Wally bird/flowershop dog
  12. BrownDogsCan2

    Not my day.

    Shot terrible. Dozen shells. 2 for 4 Crippled them both. 2nd one ended up pulling a Houdini. Wish I had brought a shovel. Not 100percent sure but I tend to believe her.
  13. BrownDogsCan2

    Crash course in SD hunting.

    Hello , planning a trip to South Dakota. Looking for any advice you can share with a first timer. How do the 5 day licenses work? Do you just block in the 5 days you plan on going and then the last 5 days of the season? If you decided to go consecutive do you have to set out a day? Frozen...
  14. BrownDogsCan2


    Would anyone happen to have any experience with Dale Taylor and Fall flights Boykins in Hiram Nebraska.
  15. BrownDogsCan2

    Tell me about chicken hunting.

    Tips for first timer....please
  16. BrownDogsCan2

    Unloading a dog

    How do you go about reducing the chance of injuries when unloading a dog out of the pickup. The obvious is don't let them jump. I've been around guys who would unload by the collar and never really paid attention to how it was done. Is there a technique that works best. How about on video?
  17. BrownDogsCan2

    midseason reports

    Any good hunting reports out there, I miss the old days when we came on here to talk about dogs and birds and good times, locations not necessary. I took my pup out yesterday on good ground for a couple of hours on her first solo. She's still a little under 8 months and I went in planning on...
  18. BrownDogsCan2

    Few picks from today.

    Got out today,for the year three half days and one full day total. Monday was probably my best day as far as birds seen. Today the best as far as birds shot. Left one in the field and brought 2 home. Not a lot of pheasants around but it is what it is I guess. You still have to get the pups out...
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    What a glorious day. Be safe out there and be sure to take some time to enjoy the view. Good luck to all.
  20. BrownDogsCan2

    Upland bird forecast

    Well it's out. I don't think a person is going to make a whole lot of sense out of it until they get out and hunt.Be better off going back and looking at the drought monitor from late spring and focusing on the moderate drought areas in my opinion. Good luck this season fellas...