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  1. reddog

    Heavy rain last night

    4.7 inches in a little over an hour in Garretson SD. Lots of wind, but no damage for us. Nothing left for the storms to wreck from the one 6 weeks ago.
  2. reddog

    Cutting costs this year?

    I cut my expenses dramatically by moving to South Dakota a year and a half ago. I'm not in great bird country, but it's not far. 1 hour to great hunting, 2 hours to the cabin at Chamberlain, compared to previously at 3:45. My lodging expenses are amortized out over 12 months x .5 because I...
  3. reddog

    The chicks will be well fed…

    I hope they like June Bugs. Holy crap!.. I thought I was in a hail storm last Friday night heading to the cabin.
  4. reddog

    Are you staying home?

    Staying home? Nope, Ive even made 7 trips to Chamberlain to boat fish since season ended.. If not for the house build, Id be there again now.
  5. reddog

    Rising Costs

    I've built homes my whole life. At 64, I did not want to build this one on my own, but with prices they way they were, I decided to tackle it to save money on labor to go towards materials. I've been able to get this 2 story house to the roof truss stage so far with help from a high school...
  6. reddog

    Rising Costs

    From an invoice I received yesterday..
  7. reddog

    Rising Costs

    I'm building a new house right now as a retirement gift to my wife. We cancelled it last year because of material costs. I won't dispute that gas is high, but $16.59 for a 2x6 stud, 77.96 per sheet for floor sheathing, $25.62 for a 2x6 16 . Well, you get the picture..
  8. reddog

    SD Fall colors/hunt w new family next year

    Fall colors doesn't necessarily have to mean trees. The prairie corridor of the river is absolutely stunning in the fall. If you haven't seen the Badlands, this is a must see. I sent you a PM about basing out of Chamberlain.
  9. reddog

    Managing for Huns?

    Growing up in Southwest Minnesota in the early70s, there were tons of Huns around. My brother and I shot limits nearly every evening after we got out of school. Lots of edges, small grains, cut silage. Almost every time there were mixed grain and alfalfa in their crop. Very hardy bird, not...
  10. reddog

    RIP Gus

    I feel your pain as Im looking at exactly the same thing shortly.. Sorry for your loss.
  11. reddog

    Relocation to south dakota

    I know you listed river towns, but Id think Mitchell would be a solid option also. Easy access to bird country, 1 hour to Sioux Falls and all its amenities. . One hour to Chamberlain hunting and fishing , one hour to Yankton.
  12. reddog

    Sun setting on another season and a career for Breez

    Her final hunt today.
  13. reddog

    Sun setting on another season and a career for Breez

    Breez was diagnosed with incurable cancer at the start of the season. I've been able to give her a farewell tour hunting small patches relatively successfully. Today the sun is setting o not only the season, but her stellar career as a bird dog/ family pet. She's is showing no signs of the...
  14. reddog

    Final two days of the season

    Little of both. Lol
  15. reddog

    Final two days of the season

    Couldn't get my Skeeter on the water on Saturday. Sunday went up with a Crestliner on a roller trailer..
  16. reddog

    Final two days of the season

    Couldn't pass up a couple nice days to fish. Maybe today ill stretch the dogs legs out a bit..:)
  17. reddog

    Relocation to south dakota

    I sent you a DM...
  18. reddog

    Final two days of the season

    My intentions were to hunt, but fishing with a long rod got in the way today. Even nicer tomorrow and Monday. Unless I get a call, the roosters are safe for the rest of the season. Walleyes better hide though.
  19. reddog

    Warm up coming!!!!

    Fishing was a bust. Only 2 keepers Monday and couldn't get on the ice Tuesday because the Corps raised the river 30 inches overnight. Took Breez (cancer dog)out for a short 15 acre walk Monday afternoon. Several hens early, then she locked up at the end of a patch of cover. I waded in. 1st...
  20. reddog

    Neutered Male...

    I've got a 7 year old neutered male and a 13 year old intact female. Mother and son. Mother has terminal cancer and not long on this side. Quality of life is still good, but untreatable. No pain. She must be having some kind of cycle as twice this week they have hooked up. Never when I'm...