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    Central ND Broods

    What is your sense of sharptail nesting success in the central ND area? Good to hear you saw Huns!
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    Sharptail intel decent to good!

    BB, which state is your info on?
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    Real World Hunting Noise Example....sort of

    I use a bell on my dog to locate her (Medium range pointing breed). Realize the downside of the sound, but always want to know where she is at. What do others do?
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    Chick sighting thread?

    Guys, these posts are meaningless if you don’t share general locations (state or part of state)
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    Hearing protection

    How about ruffed grouse hunters, that like to beat the thick brush? What do people recommend that will not get lost in the woods?
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    NW North Dakota info?

    Planning a late season pheasant hunt between the Williston-to- Crosby area of NW North Dakota. I don’t have any land connections so expect to primarily hunt public lands. Does anyone have info they can share on quantity/quality of cover in this area, and bird numbers?
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    Mott area for late season phesants

    Thanks all for the info. Depressing as it is, now I know.
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    Mott area for late season phesants

    How hard is it for a non-local to get on decent land after deee season for pheasants in the Elgin-Mott area of ND? Doesn’t look like a lot of WPA’s in the area, but some PLOTS.