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    New strap vest

    does the legacy come with the water bottle attachments?
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    Gus just turned 6, last year was the first time heading out to South Dakota. Hunted 3 days which is the most that he has done so I think the combination of the amount of days in a row hunting and the warm weather may have taken a good chunk of his energy. First day it was 60 and the final 2...
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    Yea I normally feed twice a day during the offseason, but during the season I switch to once a day during the evening.
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    Good idea I dont know why I didn't think of that before. Think the week of I'll add some water to his food.
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    That makes sense, he’s been on cosequin for over a year now. Guess I’ll just have to ramp up his conditioning from what I’ve been doing. Appreciate the advice.
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    Well he gets all of those as I stated above. But like humans there are supplements that can be given to assist in recovering from strenuous workouts. I noticed last year on a 3 day trip the issue arising. That’s why I was asking.
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    Was looking to see if anyone has used either Alpha dog resurgence or Kinetic hydro40k? Mainly looking at those for my lab. He’s in good shape and I give him plenty of water while hunting. He also gets fed purina pro plan 30/20. Just was looking at something to give him during hunting trips out...
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    Hunt Clubs in IL

    I highly recommend Fortino Hunt Club in Odell. Great people and plenty of land you will never be hunting on top of anyone.
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    Pheasant Survey

    Thanks for the feedback good luck this season
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    Pheasant Survey

    How much of an effect on the birds do you all think derecho had? I know central Iowa got hit bad with corn fields flattened.
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    New Vest

    Always wanted a WingWorks and thought this year would be the year until the damn covid. I ended up just ordering a Browning Bird'n Lite 2.0. I had a bunch of gift cards so for $40 bucks out of pocket I figured I'd give it a try.
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    Ruffland Kennel

    Thanks for all the feedback I appreciate the help. I ended up selling it locally for $190.
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    Ruffland Kennel

    I am in Illinois west suburbs.
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    Ruffland Kennel

    Well it's listed for $206 on their website and I cover shipping
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    Ruffland Kennel

    Brand new single door intermediate size Kennel. Won it last year at my chapters banquet. Ended up being too small for my lab. Asking $250
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    Where to hunt in iowa

    I haven't hunted Iowa yet, but I've been studying the atlas online and have a handful of public lands marked for this upcoming season when I go. Just get OnX and study the areas you want to go to.
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    Prarie Storm

    Does anyone really use these? I fell for the marketing a few year back and bought a box for the season. First three shots I had issues. The shells failed to eject after firing so I could not cycle to the next shot, and every shell looked like it was barely opened once it was shot. Thought this...
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    Lake Oahe Wings and Walleyes

    Was wondering if anyone had ever hunted at Wings and Walleyes? I have the opportunity to go the week leading into Christmas. I wanted to get some info on the type of operation that's run there. Hopefully I can swing getting the days off work.
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    Dog Vest

    Hey guys was hoping you all could give me some suggestions on a vest. Took the dog out this past weekend and his chest got pretty scratched up so I would be using it more so for protection than warmth. He's a 75-80# lab. I worry about chaffing and snow building up inside the vest. Does anyone...
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    Upcoming season

    Has anyone applied to hunt any of the state run sites or public hunting areas? This will be my dogs first hunting season hoping to get out a lot this year and get him on birds. Definitely counting the days November cant get here fast enough. Anyone have any outlook on bird numbers this year?