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    Was looking to see if anyone has used either Alpha dog resurgence or Kinetic hydro40k? Mainly looking at those for my lab. He’s in good shape and I give him plenty of water while hunting. He also gets fed purina pro plan 30/20. Just was looking at something to give him during hunting trips out...
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    Ruffland Kennel

    Brand new single door intermediate size Kennel. Won it last year at my chapters banquet. Ended up being too small for my lab. Asking $250
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    Prarie Storm

    Does anyone really use these? I fell for the marketing a few year back and bought a box for the season. First three shots I had issues. The shells failed to eject after firing so I could not cycle to the next shot, and every shell looked like it was barely opened once it was shot. Thought this...
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    Lake Oahe Wings and Walleyes

    Was wondering if anyone had ever hunted at Wings and Walleyes? I have the opportunity to go the week leading into Christmas. I wanted to get some info on the type of operation that's run there. Hopefully I can swing getting the days off work.
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    Dog Vest

    Hey guys was hoping you all could give me some suggestions on a vest. Took the dog out this past weekend and his chest got pretty scratched up so I would be using it more so for protection than warmth. He's a 75-80# lab. I worry about chaffing and snow building up inside the vest. Does anyone...
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    Upcoming season

    Has anyone applied to hunt any of the state run sites or public hunting areas? This will be my dogs first hunting season hoping to get out a lot this year and get him on birds. Definitely counting the days November cant get here fast enough. Anyone have any outlook on bird numbers this year?
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    Looking to get a handheld dummy launcher

    Was looking to get a handheld dummy launcher for my 1yr old lab. Was leaning toward the Retriev-R-Launcher or the DT Launcher. Was hoping someone had experience with one of these and could tell me the training benefits.
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    New Choke For Citori 725

    So I've been looking to get new chokes for my Citori 725 field and replace the factory invector ds chokes. I'm looking for preferably flush fitted, but it seems like no one makes them. Does anyone no of any manufacturers that make a flush fitted choke for replacement of invector ds chokes?
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    Pheasants Forever Embroidery

    Recently got a new hunting jacket, and was wondering if pheasants forever does embroidery? Was hoping to get the logo put on somewhere.
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    Retrieving issues

    Hi all, just picked up Gus from the trainer yesterday after being there for 3 months. He is about ten months old right now. The trainer said that he did well great nose, quarters, responds to whistle commands, and retrieves. The only hiccup that I would like to work on with him involves the...
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    Thinking of sending my pup to a trainer

    Like the title says, I am thinking of sending my pup to a trainer. I want to get the most out of my dog, and with a busy work schedule its hard to get him on birds every week. I have a pointing lab and I am located outside of Chicago. I was doing research and came across Steady on Point run by...
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    New Pup

    Hi all, just got my first hunting dog 2 weeks ago. Chocolate lab out of Hunters Point Kennels (Sire is Griz and Dam is Deva). Dog is really smart walks at heel with little correction. My question is, is there anything inherently wrong with putting a few wings in the yard until I can get him on...
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    Opening Day

    Watched this the other night and thought I'd share.
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    Kent tungsten matrix

    Hey all, was looking for a non toxic non steel shot. I have a Belgium made browning a-5 12 gauge so steel and heavy metal are not options. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them, and if so what size they'd recommend.
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    Hunters point kennel

    Looking to get a lab and was interested if anyone has heard of them, any information would be appreciated.
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    Illinois Lab Breeders

    I'm looking to get a lab, ideally one that is close working with a good temperament. Haven't had any luck finding a reasonable breeder was hoping someone had any recommendations. Price wise anything around a 1000 would work, the one breeder I found was asking 2,500 which seems a bit high. Any...
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    New from Illinois

    Hi I'm George, been hunting pheasants for a long time. I was only able to see the tale end of the good bird numbers in the state. Used to hunt some farm land in Livingston county. Since the bird numbers have fallen I've been hunting preserves. Hoping to get out to South Dakota one of these...