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    First Pheasant Hunt Exp and Help

    My father in-law and I headed to a small town just over the Oklahoma border into Kansas on Christmas day 2016. This was the first time we had been on a pheasant/quail guided hunt for wild birds. After all was said and done yes we did harvest birds but as far as the guide part, well let us say...
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    Pheasant hunting in Oklahoma

    Good morning all. well its only a few weeks away until my father in law and I head to Elkhart Kansas and from there we will do some pheasant hunting in Oklahoma. We are using an outfitter that I know and we hope this will be very fun. First time doing this. I hope I have all I need equipment...
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    Shooting Glasses

    I am looking for some shooting glasses for my upcoming pheasant hunt but I don't want to break the bank. What does everyone here recommend and why? Thanks PS. and what about gloves?
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    Pheasant Hunting Info

    I am looking for a pheasant hunt either in the Kansas or Oklahoma area for the December time frame. I would like to hunt 100% wild birds with a guide service. Can anyone point me in the right direction and in the process maybe tell me why you chose them. thanks
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    Pheasant hunting in Oklahoma

    Good morning everyone. I am new to the Pheasant hunting world but my father in law and I will be heading to the panhandle of Oklahoma this December to hunt. I wanted to take him to south Dakota but I just used up a good portion of vacation time for an elk hunt in New Mexico. South Dakota is...
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    South Dakota Hunting?

    Good day to all. I am new to this site and new to pheasant hunting. I have however partaken in a few "preserve" hunts here where I live but those should not even be allowed at least where I am from. I want to take my father in law on a good pheasant hunt. He used to hunt quail and had his own...