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    English Springer Spaniel for Grouse

    In a recent Thread I was asking for advice on what breed of dog I should look at getting. There were a lot of great responses and I really appreciated it. My life style at the moment doesn't allow me to get a pup at the present time and it's killing me. But I think when it's time a Springer will...
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    Christmas Gift Idea

    Hey everybody, any ideas on what a crazy pheasant hunter"me" could ask for Christmas?
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    Dwnra ?

    Hey Guys, SInce we already have a non- resident license for NJ for the deer season, we were thinking about doing some pheasant hunting in the DWGNRA. Is it worth it? Thanks!
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    We had a great hunt today. Four of us took off to do some pheasant and deer scouting. We weren't expecting much but boy were we surprised, we hunted a State Game Lands north of our new camp. My buddy's Britt got birdie almost as soon as he got out of the truck. In a short while we tagged a big...
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    Help Choosing a Breed?

    Well Guys I think it's about time! After hunting with friends and families bird dogs, and reading and looking at all the pictures on this forum, I want my own pup. But I would like some help deciding what dog is right for me. I will be hunting pheasants mostly"no surprise" with some grouse when...
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    Has anyone been hearing any crowing? From time to time you might hear a cock bird crow in my area, if he managed to make it through the winter. We don't have a wild population around here.
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    New Pa Bird Hunter

    Hi Guys, I've gotta say, this looks like a great site. As soon as I found it I couldn't wait to register. I do most of my hunting in NE Pa., for grouse,woodcock, and pheasant. But pheasant huting is my passion. Looking forward to sharing stories and info.