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  1. swellcat

    Ready. Set. Stay.

    Snow is the dogless hunter's friend, so the Winter Wonderland forecast for 19-20 December (coinciding with a couple of weeknights off) got my attention. I bought the 2012 license. Printed out and numbered a dozen 2011 WIHA Atlas pages. Viewed maps. Considered destinations, routes, drive...
  2. swellcat

    Love to Be Around Rush Center About Now (26-27 January 2009)

    Edit The line between bravery and foolhardiness isn't always clear.
  3. swellcat

    Learning Distances/Ranges

    What are some of the best ways to learn to accurately judge target distances? Seems that skill must be important in trying to take only reasonable, ethical shots. On a recent outing, a hunter had the wrenching experience of an unrecovered fly off on a going away shot . . . even as feathers...